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Interest has been expressed in seeing Aura tied up. That does happen to her in the novels. What do you think? 

23 deviants said Yes, if she's naked.
16 deviants said RIGHT NOW!
13 deviants said Maybe. Under what conditions?
4 deviants said NO! Someone around here needs to remain not tied up.
4 deviants said Will she be covered in Pumpkin Spice?
3 deviants said Other (please comment)


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There is something about DAZ naming the new male line Edward 8. I keep wondering if he's going to abdicate.
Questions for Valkyria are closed. It's time to bring young Miss Ashe into the studio, take some photographs, and give her the microphone.
Don't Forget:

1 More Day to Ask Katie Anything: Ask Katie Ashe Anything!Some of you smart alecks have seriously begged for Playhero articles. What, more work for me? Heh. I dig a writing project.
We all had fun with Aura's interview for Rolling Crystal: Aura Lockhaven -- The Rolling Crystal Interview.
So, why not the same for Katie.
It's Playhero's turn to invite the one and only Valkyria into the studio for a Q&A session.
Ask her anything. Post your questions to her as a comment below. All questions will be gathered and presented to the lovely Miss Ashe for her to answer. Playhero will publish them as an illustrated article. She promises to answer them all. Remember, she's a 21st Century American, so expect some snark and sass.
Playhero will be open for questions through March 22.

5 More Days to Suggest the 100,000 Pageview Celebration Render:  Closing in Rapidly on 100,000. Let's PARTY!As I write this journal entry, pageviews stand at 90,913. Not bad for someone whose pageviews were a mere 20,000 last June. Not many had heard of Aura then. That was before Viona came over to play, and long before Katie popped into my head.
Obviously, I’m closing in on the magic number 100,000.
Here’s the trick. My pageviews stood at 89,000 Saturday morning. They climbed 2,000 in three days. Yikes! If I’m going to celebrate 100,000, I best get started now!
I’m planning two separate renders to mark that milestone, and you’re all invited to participate.
I’m borrowing a page from :iconakizz:’s notebook. The Celebratory Image will be determined by YOU!
Post your suggestions below as a comment.
I will take my favorite ten suggestions and list them in a poll.
The winner of the poll is the image I will make.
Comments will be open through Saturday March 24, or until I reach 95,000 pageviews, whichever comes first.

10 More Days in the Miriam Fayne ArtJam:  The Miriam Fayne ArtJamWOOHOO! My first official ArtJam. The Aura interpretation was unofficial.
Meet Miriam Fayne.
Oh, you can't. I've never illustrated her.
Miriam Fayne is a minor character in A Path of Stones, but she is destined for a more prominent role and to become one of Aura’s best friends. She is a fully initiated enchantress, and the handmaiden to Lady Naurelia t’Ardora, First Noble of the Order of Enchanters.
In the five years it took me to finalize A Path of Stones, I never illustrated Miriam. She exists solely in written description.
Your job as a Miriam Fayne ArtJammer is to interpret her based solely upon how I described her in the book. Did I describe her well enough for you to see her in your mind? What you see in your mind is what you should illustrate.
Here is what you have to work with.
Below is the moment Aura first meets Miriam:
Aura thought she was a clothed statue until she moved. The woman wore a tight purple blouse, shoulderless on the right, wi

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Katie Playhero 1 with Text by Nathanomir

Playhero: Welcome back to Playhero, Valkyria.

Valkyria: Thank you.

Playhero: You were our covergirl for November, 2017. Do you have any objections to us publishing a centerfold of you?

Valkyria: Me? Not with this bod! I mean, I'm not an exhibitionist. It's that for twenty-three years I was sick, scarred, and at death's door. Posing nude for Playhero, and for the art school at home, helps me get a new outlook on myself. I can't just get over twenty-three years of self-image overnight. Taking off my clothes reminds me that I'm healthy now. I'm strong now. That builds my confidence. That makes me a better crime-fighter. So, go for it!

Playhero: You just made scores of people happy. So, let's start with some basic questions. What are your vital statistics?

Valkyria: *Giggles* I'm five feet nine inches tall, and weigh 155 pounds. No, I'm not bashful about my weight. My measurements are 36F-23-36. Mom has to tweak my jeans and dresses. My eyes are blue and obviously, my hair is blonde.

Playhero: What's your sign?

Valkyria: I'm a Leo. Mrrwwr. Purr!

What are your turn-ons?

Valkyria: Why? Does someone want to get me into bed? No, don't answer that. Um ... Kindness. Intelligence. Make me laugh. A comic book geek! Oh, that would woo me like nothing else.

Playhero: And what are your turn-offs?

Valkyria: Meanness! Stupidity! Just think, okay? And as much as I love a tight, muscled body, I can't stand a man who spends more time looking at himself in the mirror than he does looking at me.

Playhero: You are one of the few superheroines, or superheroes for that matter, who has an extant family. In fact, your family is large. How does that dynamic work, and what issues does it bring up?

It doesn't bring up any issues in the nuclear family. Mom, Stephanie, Jessica, and Uncle Bob all know who I am. Mom is my biggest supporter and confidante. Steph is my partner, as Whysper. She's also my best friend. Jessie is also my partner, as Strykana, and my chief-of-staff, coordinating Steph and me with our non-superpowered allies, the Protectors. She may be my cousin, but she's more like a sister between Steph and me. Uncle Bob is my contact with the police. I nab them, he gets the credit for the collar. Now, my other cousin Bobby, and my grandparents don't know, so keeping my mouth shut around them is hard. Keeping Steph's mouth shut around them is harder! Blabbermouth teenager! As for the family in Pittsburgh, I only see them maybe once every two years, when Pappy, my grandfather, wants a reunion.

It's wonderful having my family know who I am, and support me. I'm not worried about anyone finding out and harming them. Harm Steph? She's dangerous! Jessie will flat kill you. Mom has a black-belt in kung fu. And Uncle Bob ... uh ... a former Marine who carries a badge? I don't think so. Mom pitched a hissyfit when Steph put on a mask, but what could she do with me already wearing one?

I just wish Dad were here.

Playhero: Thank you, Valkyria. Now, let's take questions from your friends and fans.

Valkyria: Oh, here it comes! Okay, guys. I'll answer what I can. Lay it on me!

:icontrentharlow: Trent Harlow asks: What is your favorite manga/anime?

Valkyria: Let’s start off by getting dark! It’s Death Note. That is one well drawn manga and beautifully animated anime. That really appeals to me as an artist and comic illustrator. More than that, though, it explores what happens to someone who has power. Light failed the test. The power of life and death made him think he was a god. I face that question every morning. What happens if I cross the line from mercy and justice to vengeance? What happens if I decide to impose justice instead of enforcing it? It would be so easy to do. I look at Light and think, there but for the grace of a goddess go I. Brr. Scary thought!

:iconmaltorramus: Maltorramus asks: Who is your main archenemy or primary villain/villainess?

Valkyria: Grr. You just had to make me think about him! My main archenemy is Zachariah Kane. He’s the boss of bosses for the Mob in Parthenon. All crime running from the east coast to the Midwest passes through his hands. So, Kane is essentially the Godfather of two-thirds of the USA. If I can take him down, I can clean up Parthenon and restore it to its former glory in one stroke. So far, he’s remained out of my hands. But he’s a criminal. It’s all about money and business. I can almost deal with that.

A villain is different. They’re whacked! They like hurting people. Right now, Parthenon doesn’t have many. My primary villain is Crimson Chaos. But she’s more misguided and lost than evil. I mean, she woke up after being in suspended animation for twenty-five years and the whole world had changed. Her country was gone! Her enemy defeated it. Meaning, the USA beat the USSR in the Cold War. She’s totally lost. Maybe I can reach her, if I can punch her hard enough. Then, there is the Professor. She cuts up superheroes and heroines to extract their DNA. Of course, that kills them. She’s some Frankenstein, both in the way she looks and her plans to create the perfect human. She’s tried three times to vivisect me. Fortunately, she hasn’t realized that I’m scalpel-proof. I’m afraid she’s going to wise up and get a laser scalpel and I’ll be Valkyria soup.

Another from Maltorramus: Why did you choose the color purple for your costume color and why that specific style of outfit?

Valkyria: Well, it came this way. The original was my mother’s costume to the Policemen’s Halloween Ball, two weeks before my father died. She thought I could wear it until I found something better. It always made me feel like Mom and Dad were with me out there, so I kept it. The idea of my mother wearing something so revealing … Is that cute or creepy? Anyway, purple is a Halloween color. I put up purple lights every Halloween. Kind of a dark midnight theme? It’s fitting, since I was transformed on Friday 13, in October. It does help me blend into the shadows at night, but I stand out like a sore thumb in the day. Unfortunately, Mom nicknamed me “The Electric Grape” and the name found its way to the media. Thank God, they didn’t hear her other nicknames, “Captain Cleavage” and “Superboobs!”

Maltorramus’ friend Scarlet Gravity asks: So what is your sister like and how would she feel if I asked her out on a date?

How would she feel? It depends on what part you grab! Her feet and ribs are ticklish. I haven’t grabbed the love handles. She’s my sister! I did grab her butt in the shower, and man can she punch! Seriously, I love Stephanie and am protective of her. But the brat isn’t around, so … Well, she may look twenty-two, but she’s only eighteen. So, she’s still a teenager. She’s brash, blunt, impulsive, and too taken by the newest bright-shiny. You don’t have to ask what she thinks. She will tell you, whether you want to know or not. Usually, she’s right. On the other hand, Steph is the most serious Millennial you ever wanted to meet. She may have been a cheerleader and Homecoming Queen, but she was also her class Valedictorian. Cheerleader and calculus? I told you she was a brat! Um … Ask her out. Steph is pretty straight, but she likes to experiment. We all do. I will warn you. She will talk your ears off, and since you’re a superheroine, expect her to fangirl all over you.

Katie Playhero 2 by Nathanomir

:iconwefergie007: Fergie asks: What is Nathanomir really like? You can tell me. It will be our secret.

Valkyria: Why keep it secret? The man is so absentminded, he will forget about this conversation before it’s finished. Well, Nathan isn’t as grumpy as he likes to make out that he is. That curmudgeon stuff is just an act he does because he thinks it’s funny. He’s actually Mellowman, especially since he quit drinking. The booze went to his head. Literally. The messed up brain isn’t an act. Don’t tell anyone, but he thinks he’s Gandalf. You should see his collection of crystals and herbs. No wonder he likes Aura so much. He’s probably too generous and too gullible for his own good, and he needs to get off his creative butt and exercise. He’s fifty pounds heavier than that icon he made of himself. But he’s stubborn. What do you want? He’s an Aquarian. Which also means he’s an opinionated smartass with a big mouth. Uh, Nathan is glaring at me. Aura, come here and do something with him! I don’t know. Smack him in the head with a skillet or something.

:iconkb7rky: Kb7rky asks: Did you ever get those glowing eyebrows under control?

Valkyria: HA! Oh, those! Uh, yes. They were caused when I ate a box of Fruity Pebbles that had been contaminated with Moldavite dust. That made the food coloring neon and it all went to my eyebrows. It wore off after two weeks. But Steph and Mom used me as a night light until then. I’ve switched to Frankenberry to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

:iconlordamon12: Lord Amon asks: What other heroines in DA would you like to meet in the future?

Valkyria: All of them! Oh, man. I’m fangirling. Sorry. I know Duster and Viona. They practically live here. Ms. Amazing is a good friend. I met Hyper Girl, Sky-Belle, Lady Quantum, and Scarlet Gravity, but only barely. Just long enough to say Hi, but not long enough to get their autographs. So, let’s start with them. Hey! All of them can fly! It isn’t fair. Then, there’s Stainless Stella. I don’t want to insult her or anything, but she’s older. She knows stuff. She’s done this gig for a while. If I could spend a day with her getting advice, maybe I wouldn’t be such a klutz.

His friend Hyper Girl asks: Would you like to join the Valkyrie Squad?

Valkyria: Really? Me? On a team? Ooh! Well, I guess my name is perfect for it. Um, I’d be honored. I’m not sure how often I can slip away from Parthenon, but I’d love to meet other superheroines, learn some pointers, and help fight crime. I promise not to fangirl. Much.

Katie Playhero 3 by Nathanomir

:iconmirrorkhaos: Mirror Khaos asks: Who is your biggest crush in the superhero/heroine community?

Valkyria: Have you seen Hermes? On :iconthomvinson: Thom Vinson’s page? He’s to die for! Argh! Just thinking about him sent my enhanced libido into overdrive. Hold on. Give me a minute. Where was I? Right. Hermes. Oh, ravish me now, sweet Olympian! CRAP! Katie, stop it! Whew. Okay. Um, yes. You know, there aren’t too many guys in this little universe of ours. No wonder so many of us supergals are lesbian. Now, for women, there’s Cavewoman. You know, I thought she was just a comic character. Then, I moved in here, and there she is! Walking around the place, stark naked half the time. Aura only thinks she’s a nudist. I can’t help it. When I look at her, um, yeah. Whoo. Girlpower!

:icondaywalker-designs: Daywalker Designs asks: Carrie wants to know, how many of your high school classmates have you encountered as Valkyria and have you almost blown your disguise by calling them by name?

Valkyria: Oh, that’s one of the hardest parts of being me. When I’m “Little Katie,” and wearing my disguise ring, the trick is to remember to act like a heart patient. People who know me don’t expect me to jog, much less run. When I’m “Big Katie,” essentially me, the trick is recognize nobody! That isn’t easy. In my first week, I ran into Professor Altman, my favorite art teacher from college, and called him by name. Two days later, I literally ran into my uncle and almost called him Uncle Bob. High school classmates? Probably twelve. Most of the group I hung out with went to college elsewhere and moved to Philadelphia, New York, or Florida. But some … Yeah. I was on the bus not too long ago, and saw Rudi, whom I haven’t seen in five years. She went to U Penn. I waved and called her by name. Fortunately, I was in civvies and she didn’t recognize me. I had to play dumb and say I was a friend of Katie’s and remembered her, but I had been in an accident and had plastic surgery and changed my name. I think she fell for it. When I’m in uniform, it’s actually a lot easier. They know me as Valkyria, and once they call me that, it’s a simple matter of maintaining the façade. If I approach them first, I really have to watch it.

:iconsnicker1: Snicker1 asks: What question would you not like to find in a game of Truth or Dare?

Valkyria: Probably about my libido. I’d have to prove it. Uh … let’s just say it’s pretty darn high. But some smart aleck would throw the question just to see it in action. Of course, if the smart aleck is Hermes, ask away!

:iconbelleverse: Belleverse asks: Who is your tailor if your costume is damaged? Or do your powers extend to it? I am not sure most Halloween costumes are so hardy!

Valkyria: Good question! Well, Mom sews my suits for me. Sewing is her hobby, and she’s darn good. That original Halloween costume didn’t last three weeks before it began shredding. I can only fall off ten story buildings so many times, you know. So, she sewed a new one out of Spandex. Well, I’m fireproof, but it wasn’t. The firefighters loved that day. When I walked out of a burning building, with nothing between my mask and boots … Yeah. Then, she found something else. It’s an odd combination of Spandex, Kevlar, and something else. Some kind of weirdy, microfibery stuff. Fireproof, tearproof, and resistent to bullets up to a .38. Not bad! Not that many gangster henchmen use anything less than a 9mm, you know. It does make Mom go through a box of needles for every suit, though. Fortunately, I only need two – one to wear and one to wash. Some moron will find a way to rip it. It’s inevitable. Or I’ll fall out of a helicopter and do it myself.

:icondangerguy01: Danger Guy asks: What is with all the eye shadow? Is that part of your disguise or something else?

Valkyria: It’s both. It began as something else. It came with the territory when Freyja transformed me. She didn’t just make me a Valkyrie. She really poured on the glamour and beauty. I loved it, so I kept it. I can’t afford many packs of makeup, so the one I got was a gaudy one from Walgreen’s. It was affordable. The eye shadow does enhance the disguise, though, blending my eyes into the mask for a dazzle paint effect. Not that too many baddies bother to look further than my boobs. Maybe I should use body paint on my cleavage.

:iconfdcomics: FD Comics asks: How easy do you find balancing your superheroics with your everyday life?

Valkyria: Aye yi yi! I feel like a juggler. It’s difficult enough to find time to draw these days, and keep up with my online comics. When I do draw, I don’t have to imagine quite as hard as I used to. But work! Sheesh. Harry is a good guy. He’s stoned so much that he doesn’t keep track of the times I slip out and don’t come back. He thinks I’m having heart problems and need to go home. One of these days, that isn’t going to work out. Remembering to wear my ring or not wear my ring is starting to get to me. Am I Katie or am I Valkyria? What about in between, when I’m “Big Katie” but not in my suit? Going on a date as Katie – either form – and seeing something that requires Valkyria is a pain. Do I go powder my nose and change and take care of the problem and hope I don’t forget to change back and say I got stuck in the restroom? Or do I ignore the problem? I think I understand Bruce Wayne a bit more now. Maybe it would be easier if everyone other than just immediate family knew about me. With Steph, Jessie, and Uncle Bob, no one is going to mess with the Ashes, so I’m not worried about that. Uh, I think I sleep. Sometimes. Maybe. Like, last week.

His friend Ms. Amazing asks: Are you free Friday night?

Valkyria: What is this? Everyone wants to date me now. I couldn’t get dates in high school. Oh. I didn’t have these in high school. Duh! I’m such a blonde. Sure. I will be! For you. If nothing else, that hot tub is still out back. But we have to check and make sure Aura and Viona haven’t reserved it.

Katie Playhero 4 by Nathanomir

:iconakizz: Akizz asks: Do you get a lot of Viagra ad spam?

Valkyria: What? What kind of question is that? No, I don’t get a lot of Viagra spam! Do I look like a guy? Trust me, I’m all girl in my panties. And I don’t need the woman’s version. I have libido enough for ten women as it is. Man, is it difficult doing my job. Have you seen some of those mobsters? With their chiseled faces and rugged good looks and those big biceps. I can see the bulges in their britches, oh yes I can. Oooh! When some threaten to chain me up and have their way with me, I want to say, “Sir, you don’t need the chains, just a nice, soft bed.” OH MY GOD! I did it to myself again! Aura says a cold shower helps. No. It. Does. Not! Um, do you have another question?

Okay. What is the highest offer the adult entertainment industry has offered you?

Valkyria: Seriously? Besides Playhero? $ 45,000. Yep. I’ve been asked. That was for a fifteen minute skin flick with SexJoy, not anything hardcore. Just me walking around being a naked girl. They tell me that’s twice what most girls get. I’ve also been propositioned to be a stripper and exotic dancer. I’ve thought about both. I mean, I only make minimum wage at Harry’s, and ink costs money. I’d like to buy a car and maybe live in a slightly nicer crib. Stripper around here would put me in the middle of Kane’s operation, too. The problem is, with my libido? I’d probably spend way too much time with the customers. Yeah. So, no. Darn. And I’d be good at it, too.

:iconmember9: Member 9 asks: Do you sleep in the nude or wear pajamas or lingerie?

Valkyria: I sleep in my skin. Meaning, nothing! Just me and the sheets. Before I was transformed, I wore pajamas. It was a leftover from living with Mom and Frank and Steph. You know, you don’t walk around naked in front of your step-father, and I didn’t have much compared to Mom and Steph so I kept myself covered. Boy’s PJs. They had Green Lantern and Batman pajamas. Hello Kitty wasn’t my style. Kinda silly living on my own, but it was comfortable. Even though I lived with that scar, I didn’t want to see it first thing in the morning. I wore tank tops and panties then. After my transformation … Well, if I have this body, I’m gonna rock it! Now, if I could just find someone’s hands to rock it even more in bed, but that isn’t what you asked. Sorry. Besides, money not spent on pajamas is money I can spend on jeans and teeshirts to cover this new bod when I go out. Minimum wage only goes so far in the women’s section of Wal-Mart, you know.

:iconthe-she-blimp: She-Blimp asks: Where do you feel you need the biggest improvements?

Valkyria: Everywhere? No, seriously. I feel like I’m in over my head. Let’s start with my detective skills. They’re decent, but not good enough. My father was a detective, but he died when I was thirteen. He only taught me so much. Jessie is much better than Steph and me combined. Her Dad is a lieutenant and she may as well be a cop herself with what she knows. That’s critical for gathering and preserving evidence. My reflexes are another. They’re still slow compared to my strength and speed. I’ve learned how to tell when a gunman is committed, and can dodge his bullet. But I can’t dodge city buses! Or telephone poles! Of course, I can only dodge the bullet if I’m facing the gunman and watching his finger on the trigger. If he’s behind me, I’ll be shot. Even with my hearing, I haven’t learned what his finger sounds like as it squeezes the trigger. I keep falling off buildings, too. Gah, I’m clumsy! There are so many things I need to learn!

:iconb69comics: B69 Comics asks: What are your thoughts on tentacle monsters?

Valkyria: Um … Hmm. I’ve never faced one. I have seen them. Hentai. On one hand, they’re awfully sexy. I mean, they just don’t know when to stop working a girl over, and that sounds kinda fun. On the other hand, Ew! Slime! Gross! Like a bunch of eels crawling all over her. I don’t know. There are things living down in the sewers of Parthenon. Criminals, gangsters, and supervillains aren’t our only problems. I suppose one day, I’ll face a tentacle monster. I’ll let you know then. I may like spending the night with Cthulhu. Okay, why am I assuming I can’t beat him senseless and win? Why am I assuming he’ll treat me like some kind of Valkyria love doll? Sigh. It looks like Steph isn’t the only Ashe Girl with some hidden kinkiness.

Playhero: Thank you everyone. That's all we have time for today. Thank you, Valkyria, for, once again, disrobing for us.

Valkyria: Thank you! It was a pleasure. Now, about my centerfold. Don't you think I'm wearing a bit too much? Wouldn't you prefer me to get out of this teddy?

Playhero: Uh ... Sure!

Katie Playhero 5 by Nathanomir

Playhero is a parody. But, man, it does need to exist.




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Nathanomir Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure.
wefergie007 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Professional General Artist
A belated thanks for adding me to the watch!
Nathanomir Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I seriously thought I already was!
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