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50,000 Pageview Pinups: Aura, Allyson, Katie, Stephanie, and Jessica done and posted.

A Valkyria Halloween: Done and posted.

A Brooke Halloween: Done and posted.

MJ-Rogue-Cavewoman Threesome: Done and posted.

The Hall of the Sewer King: Done and posted.

Halloween Pinup: Done. It's a freebie featuring Sasha (remember her?). I'll post it later. Your monitor can handle only so much buxom nudity in one morning.

Katie's Morph Issue: Obviously not a render, but I do need to track down why Katie's butt squishes when she bends her legs when none of my other V6s do that. Urgent. Taken care of.

Moved and Rerouted Aura's Textures Files: I use customized texture maps on Aura, the Dandelions, the Girls (Sasha, Amber, et. al), the Ashe Girls, and the Sarethian Seven. At the moment, they're located on my C drive. It's starting to creep a little too close to two-thirds filled for my comfort. So, the texture files are going to be moved to D drive. The Ashe Girls were moved last week. Aura is today. She is the most extensive as I custom mapped her clothes, too. Moving the files means redirecting the paths for every single channel in Iray and Reality. Fortunately, I only need to do one, and can then use a preset to handle any other appearance of Aura. The Girls will be moved over the weekend. I need to totally overhaul the Dandelions and S7 maps anyway, so they'll be next week sometime. I don't feel like spending that much time in GIMP right now. Moving Aura's file alone will clear another gig off C. All of them together, ought to clear roughly 7. Aura's texture maps moved and successfully repathed for Iray. I'll take care of the Reality presets at another date. For "My Fair Ladies 2," I'll use a still-set-for-C-Drive Aura and call it a day. I'll need to fix some of Viona's jewerly, as she wears the same gold texture Aura does on a few items. No biggie.

In Progress

Take Comic Life 3 for a Test Drive: Again, not a render, but several of you recommended it, so I downloaded the trial version. That's a project for the weekend.

Beach Volleyball:
Composition is tough on this, trying to capture the comedy of Rogue slamming a ball into Fairchild's face from twenty feet in the air while Cavewoman and MJ insult each other. It will take some finagaling.

An Aura Samhain: I finally decided on a subject. Now, to assemble the set and pose Aura.

Back in Town: Because Katie, Steph, and Jessie look darn hot in those clubbing dresses by the one and only 3DLust! Oh, my soul! It's really a matter of finishing the light tests. Then, six hours of rendering (night scene).

My Fair Ladies II: I want to update "My Fair Ladies" to include my characters, not necessarily my models. So, Stephanie and Jessica will replace Brooke and Sasha, while Tiffany and Becky will replace Claire and Iryndelle (a character, but she's stepping back for a bit). It's my computer desktop image, so I'd like to get that done.


Name Jessica Winner: Not worried until October 26. More worried about who wins. Some of you crazy hep cats are just sick!

Aura Throughout History: I forgot about this series of concepts. No rush as I only have half the needed costumes. I'd like to cover Medieval (primarily the War of the Roses), Renaissance, Jacobean Witch Hunts, Pirates, American Colonial, Napoleonic, Victorian, WWII, and 1970s. I'm a history geek with a minor in it. This was probably a mistake but I'm hooked now.

Cavewoman Naked Bondage Peril: I love the irony of needing a dinosaur when I'm 54. And they mocked me in fourth grade! Mine is an evil laugh!

The Fetishmonger: Because who doesn't like Katie Ashe stripped naked and tied up? Especially when tormented by a dominatrix.

Sister Time 4 and 5: Not at the front of the list. Maybe next month.

Other than the contest winner, I'm not going to put much emphasis on the ToDos for a while. There are too many things I need to buy to compose them, and that won't happen this weekend. The one I may do first is Fetishmonger. Besides, how can I resist a nude Katie?

If I can clear the In Progress list, I'll be on track to fully implement my schedule on Monday.


Edit 9 AM, 10/20: Moved Katie's Morph Issue to DoneDid.

Edit 7:30 PM, 10/20: Moved and repathed Aura's texture maps.
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Keeping to my planned schedule hasn't been all that successful this week. However, my deviation from it has been deliberate to clear out the backlog. So, no worries.

One major development is that I split The Fires of Tallen Hall. On Monday, I did a word count and it reached 100,000 words. That's for a book that's only two-thirds finished and has skeletal narration. Finished, and with the lyrical narrative I like, it will be 200,000 words or more. That's too blooming big! One of my goals with this series is to answer the fantasy fans' complaint that the books are bloated (George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, better known as A Game of Thrones, averages 350,000 words per book). It's better for me to split the book myself than have it split itself in your hands. So, the second book is still The Fires of Tallen Hall, while the third has the tentative title Scarlet Cloak. This gives me the ability to vary the pace, add more gathering darkness in the second book, and really milk the action building to the climactic wizards' duel (now in the third book). I despise trilogies (talk about a cliche'), but it's necessary.

Now, as for the backlog. It's amazing how many unfinished projects I have. Work so far ...

50,000 Pageview Pinups: Moved to the top of the list for obvious reasons. Finished tonight. Aura, of all people, was the difficult one. Her V7 skin is reacting differently from the others with their V6 (actually V4) skins. I had the hardest time getting her eyes to track with the camera, too. Her image is finishing right now.

Halloween Images: Halloween Horror -- handled by Brooke. Done. Halloween Fun -- the Ashe Girls' territory. It was done until I noticed a Snickers bar stuck in a ghoul's face. That won't do. I'll rerun it tonight. Halloween/Samhain Spiritual -- Aura's department. I'm not quite sure what I want to do yet. I may have her meet the spirits of her deceased parents.

Beach Volleyball -- Poll result. MJ, Rogue, Cavewoman, Fairchild, and Wonder Woman (the Ref) are clothed and posed. I just have to work up the set and render.

MJ-Rogue-Cavewoman Threesome -- Poll result. How difficult can three naked women be? Only a moron would ask that question with any seriousness! We have an idea, especially since I know how MJ and Meriem can touch Rogue.

The Hall of the Sewer King -- This is from Katie's early days, before her comic and before she became a bit more serious. Nice, naked bondage peril. It was put on hold when her new body sculpt threw off the already unpredictable Greedy Girl ropes. But I'd like to finish it for Halloween as it's the most disgusting thing I've ever come up with. Just imagine who would rule a sewer and you get the idea.

The Fetishmonger -- Another Katie naked bondage peril scene, and one that answers where she got that black suit from in "Sister Time 3."

Sister Time 4 and 5 -- I'm not nearly done with Stephanie in Katie's suit. Katie needs to kick some butt and spank her sister! Spank some butt and kick her sister? Anyway, Katie is seriously put out. 4 was put on hold because posing that many henchmen was becoming a bit of a drag. Well, so what? It's going to be an epic smackdown. With Steph all trussed up. And don't tell me that idea doesn't scroll your nurd.

Back In Town -- Katie, Steph, and Jessie hit the club district of Parthenon. Pretty girls in club wear, with lots of "broken necks" from passersby. Just a fun scene, but one I've been messing with for three weeks.

Cavewoman Naked Bondage Peril -- A request by a fan, and also something I want to do. On hold until I can buy a velociraptor from Rendo. But I'm playing with it. It will happen! Oh, yes, it will. The concept is already incubated in my twisted mind. Poor Meriem!

Name Jessica Contest -- Not a concern until October 26, but the winner's image is going to be a priority.

Just a few odds and ends to clear up. Nothing major.

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This is probably more of a blog post than a journal entry, but it’s about writing and art, so it seems to fit here. It’s going to be long-winded, so if you don’t feel like reading it, that’s perfectly understandable. But it will explain why there is going to be some changes to how and when I post images here on DA.

Please let me preface this by stating a few things up front.

First, I am a professional. I get paid for telling stories. Oh, not much. Yet. But it’s what I do. It’s who I am. I’m trained to be one, too, holding a BA in English an MA in Creative Writing (and I graduated with a 4.0 GPA, thank you very much -- not bad for a guy whose grandfather was an illiterate sharecropper). I use both the language of the word and the image, because one conveys a story better than the other. It all depends on the story. The difference between an amateur and a professional is the amateur does it for love while the professional gets paid. I’m lucky. I get paid for doing what I love.

Second, I have a personality disorder. Some of you know that. I’m schizotypal. That’s just a clinical way of describing an eccentric kook. I don’t try to hide it. Heck, I consider it a personality order because diagnosis explained why I’ve had eighteen different careers in my life. Yep. Eighteen. Failed at all but two, and one was unceremoniously ripped out of my grasp. Why try to fit into an office cube when my brain isn’t wired for that? You would think I would have learned that at 25, but that was the 1980s, when a college graduate was supposed to be a successful businessman. I’m dense at times. Anyway, that fact isn’t just important to the ultimate goal of this post, but to say that if you have a “mental illness,” you aren’t alone. I have friendly ears. Talk to me before doing something rash, okay?

Third, schizotypal, unfortunately, comes with a host of nasty side-effects. In my case, it’s chronic depression and crippling social anxiety. The depression is managed. It isn’t controlled. It likes to slip by my doctor and kick me in the head. Anxiety has a mind of its own.

Fourth, I had a severe breakdown in May, 2013, from which I didn’t exactly come back. Never let an introvert invite an old friend to stay with him until he gets a job, especially when that old friend lives on his couch for two freaking years. And it’s a one bedroom apartment. And said introvert is married. I was juggling nitro-glycerine and it exploded in my face. I’m too nice for my own good. That was when anxiety decided to move in with me, and not pay rent. I’ve been apartment-bound ever since, unless my wife is home and can go out with me. You don’t want me alone in a crowd! You just don’t. Hence, the job that was ripped from my grasp. I’m also trained to be an English teacher at the community college level. Darn, and it was fun, too.

Fifth, I have hyperfocus. That means the room could be on fire and unless you tell me, I won’t notice.

Those are causative agents. Where am I going with this?

I’ve been working with Aura Lockhaven since 2010. To say she’s my favorite character is an understatement. She isn’t just my favorite character that I’ve created, she’s my favorite character of all time. I feel like Aura is a real woman, just invisible.

In January, 2013, after graduating with my MA, I decided to turn a tawdry, rather awful comic into a written novel. That was the Aura graphic novel that ultimately became A Path of Stones. If you want to read the entire process, it’s here on my website. A Path of Stones was published this past February. It took me four years to finish it and publish it because of that breakdown, depression, and hyperfocus.

The breakdown interrupted my efforts in 2013. It left me numb for the rest of the year (we also didn’t get rid of the “roommate” until Halloween of that year). In January, 2014, I finally felt like doing something creative. But I was too depressed to write. So, I worked up a render that became “Barbarian Wall.” That led to the creation of the Sarethian Seven, and 200 pages of short stories. Because of hyperfocus, and seeing only the project at the end of my nose, the S7 took up two months. After that, I still didn’t feel like returning to Aura, so I wrote treatments for two novels that you don’t know about. One is an epic fantasy that reached chapter twenty. I’ll probably eventually finish that. The protagonist is a man (don’t faint!) who is a middle aged burnout of a college teacher. Gee, think he’s a bit of an avatar? The other is a horror story based on my render “Leopard Girl.” I told you that I based novels on renders! By the time I moved on from those, it was a year later. Hyperfocus.

In 2015, I finally forced myself to work on Aura again, and finished A Path of Stones by the end of that year. I got it to my beta reader, who read it and gave me her feedback. What happened? Depression again. Around April, 2016, I created Dandelions. It was a pretty powerful story and I’m proud of it. That consumed most of my time until August, when I shook myself and finally got back to the novel and revised it. By February of this year, I had a hardback in my hands.

What have I done since then? Well, the sequel, The Fires of Tallen Hall is essentially where it was in March; three quarters finished. What happened? Depression again. Distraction again. Hyperfocus again. I became bogged down with Sasha, Amber, and Lindsey. They threatened to create yet another storyline. Somehow, I found the discipline to say no to that idea (but it’s still lurking around in my head). Then came the one you all know and love – Valkyria. I have no complaints about that.

The thing is, between depression, distraction, and hyperfocus so extreme that I ignore everything except the project right in front of my eyes, I forget far too often that Aura Lockhaven is my main lady. She has a story for me to tell that spans sixteen novels. Only one is written. She’s been counting on me for five years. Now, we can add the Ashe Girls to that, and Allyson and the Dandelions are still pacing in the corner of the room.

I can’t really speak for the total impact of Valkyria and Dandelions. You know that better than I do. I can speak for the impact of A Path of Stones. Everyone who has read it and told me of their experience has dumbfounded me. It brought tears to one man’s eyes. Another is demanding the sequel, saying “We need that book right now!” It caused one young woman to realize she could still have faith after suffering extreme spiritual abuse. That’s heavy. I have a gut feeling that Valkyria and Dandelions can have the same level of impact, but in a different direction. In 2017 and probably next year, it is important to know, as Katie says, “the good guys can win!”

I’m sitting on three atomic bombs and I’ve been treating them like firecrackers!

That changes tomorrow morning. Is this my job or not? Is it more than a hobby? Is telling stories that entertain, educate, encourage, and edify my reason for existence? Yes, it is. Therefore, I am setting up a schedule. My desk will become my office. That isn’t easy for a guy who pretty much lives organically, but it has to happen if The Fires of Tallen Hall ever sees print, Valkyria advances to Book Two, and Dandelions is actually finished. At the moment, the Sarethian Seven is the project on hold. Besides, I don’t want to release it until I publish Aura Book Five as it’s tied directly to the Auraverse.

So, here we go.

Monday: Aura Lockhaven. This is primarily the novel but includes the Aura-Viona crossover as well as one-off art pieces. The Enchantress and the Warrior will eventually reach a conclusion. Eventually. Maybe. My goal is to write 2,000 words per day. That isn’t unreasonable. Most blogs are 1,000. This journal post is 1,700 words and I wrote it in an hour. That’s easy for a guy who has struck 10,000 words in one day.

Tuesday: Aura Lockhaven. 2,000 words per day, for two days, is 208,000 words per year. That is one novel, people! At my voracious output (when I actually work), and with that schedule, I should average two novels in one year.

Wednesday: Valkyria. This is primarily the comic, but also includes one-off art pieces. I figure two pages per week. Not a bad pace. I’m planning for a full tower comic production computer next year that should increase the page output per week.

Thursday: Valkyria. The Aura-Valkyria crossover would go here, when I decide on format.

Friday: Dandelions. To start, one-off art pieces to refamiliarize myself with the characters, and also refont the comic so I can post it again.  

Saturday and Sunday: Nothing Aura, Valkyria, or Dandelions related. If I do anything at all in DAZ while my wife is working on her jewelry-making, I’ll render something totally different. I still have Sasha, Amber, and Lindsey to play with, and Brooke needs to be tied up.

At no time on the weekdays, do I work beyond 6 when my wife comes home. I do have a wife. I do have a life. It’s time to talk to her, play with the cats, and read something called a book. I’ve also been ignoring my spiritual practice, which isn’t healthy for a member of a minority, alternative religion. My heart is telling me that I’ve been sedentary for six years. Wow, time to actually exercise. And perhaps staring at a computer screen until 11 PM is why I have insomnia.

I’m building in permission to not write if depression strikes. However, instead of doing something totally random, I’ll focus on the subject of the day. That will keep things moving forward. It will also keep me from getting lost for another four months in yet another storyline.

This doesn’t mean that Aura, Katie, and Allyson will cease being fun. It just means I get more done that is fun, and actually has a purpose.

The posting schedule will vary, but you have some idea of what to expect when.

Now, the question is, can I keep this schedule? Well, we’re all about to find out.

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It’s my first contest!

Here’s your chance to be a permanent part of the Valkyria story.

The Contest: Give Jessica Ashe her codename as Valkyria and Whysper’s chief of staff. She has the costume and the attitude already. To make sure we’re on the same page, when I say codename, I mean the superheroine name they give in public. Katie’s is Valkyria and Stephanie’s is Whysper. Jessie needs one, too.

The Winner: One winner will be chosen. I will pick the winning name based on how closely it fits Jessie’s personality (see the end of this post) and how well I can live with it over the course of a comic (which I hope to be a long time).

Who Can Enter: Everyone.

The Rules:

            1. All contestants may enter up to three name choices.

            2. Please, nothing vulgar.

            3. All entries must be submitted as comments to this journal post.

            4. All entries must be entered by midnight CST, Wednesday, October 25. If you aren’t sure where you are compared to my time, Google “Current Time Dallas Texas” and compare it to your clock.

            5. I will choose the winner the next day, October 26.

The Prize: A render by me featuring the winner’s OC interacting with Jessica, Katie, and Stephanie.

I’ll discuss how to get the OC to me with the winner. It’s a pretty easy process and there are several ways.

If the winner doesn’t have an OC, we’ll work something out.

The finished render will probably be 2000x1000, maybe larger depending on the complexity of the scene. I’ll render it in Iray unless the winner specifies Reality-Luxrender.

I can make the final scene either with comic style voice bubbles, or without and include a short narrative. The winner's choice.

Open Genres: Fantasy, science-fiction, classic superheroine, pirates, Victorian, prehistoric, Gothic, Wild West. Pretty much everything, as long as I have the sets and costumes. If I don’t, I’ll tell the winner and we’ll go to Plan B.

Open Situations: I’m open to quite a bit, as long as I can pull it off and it isn’t listed below. Humorous, serious, action, chasing or being chased by monsters (demons, ogres, trolls, etc.), naked bondage peril, rock and roll band, just to name a few. If the winner isn’t sure, I’ll match the situation to the genre – pirates demands swordplay while Wild West begs a gunfight.

Situations I Won’t Do: Hardcore sex, vore, gore, bodily fluids (vomit, feces, urine, and semen), tentacle rape (threatened by tentacles is okay, although they're difficult to make look right), My Little Pony, death (a few dead bodies in the background is okay), dismemberment, cruelty to animals (includes dragons), mind control (unless the winner’s character is rescuing mine), ridicule of a people group or religion, anything political, and absolutely nothing with pumpkin spice (unless the characters are destroying the fiendish factory). I’m protective of my characters. Oh, no avocados on tacos, either.

I’ll post the final image on my page, and send the winner a copy that he or she can post anywhere.

Give me a few weeks to finish the render. I’m picky about poses and textures.

Jessica’s Personality: Jessie is the first cousin of Katie and Stephanie, and the daughter of their uncle, police lieutenant Robert Ashe. She’s a bad girl. She has a sarcastic mouth and a short temper. She will do things for shock value, such as strip right in front of you. She doesn’t care. She parties a bit too much for her own good, although now that she’s chief of staff to two superheroines, she’s become a lot more serious. To compensate for putting down the alcohol and drugs, she’s turned up the volume on her heavy metal. She is insatiably curious, and loves adventure. Because her father is a high ranking police officer, she gets away with more than she should.

Jessie took her parents’ divorce hard, blaming herself as many eldest children do. At age 16, she was an alcoholic. At 17, a chain smoker. At 18, addicted to codeine. She has been promiscuous. That began to change when she was 19, and her father tried to be more of a dad. They’ve reconciled. Jessie doesn’t respect much authority, other than her father and her two cousins. She does still call Katie and Steph’s mother Aunt Gayle, even though they aren’t related anymore. She is estranged from her mother, and could not care less about her. She is extremely close to Katie and Stephanie, seeing herself, and seen by them, as the middle sister, not the first cousin.

Age difference: Jessie is two years younger than Katie and three years older than Stephanie.

She is a master mechanic. Engines are her passion and profession, and there doesn’t seem to be anything about any automobile she doesn’t know. She throws engines and transmissions around, so she’s strong. She never went to college, but she’s highly intelligent and has a heck of a lot of street smarts.

At the moment, Jessica does not have any superpowers. That could change. Given her curiosity and love of machines, all she needs to do is mistake an alien DNA quantum trans-modifier for the gearbox to a 1956 Hudson Hornet.

For photo reference, here's who you're naming:

Bad Ashe by Nathanomir


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Write what you know is the usual advice for starting writers.

It’s helpful, but what if you’re writing about a serial killer? You can still draw upon your own memories for the killer’s personality, and you can do research. You don’t have to go murder someone to figure it out!

So, what does that have to do with my stories?

The majority of my characters are orphans.

Aura Lockhaven is an orphan. Her only living relative is an uncle who bitterly betrayed her.

The Sarethian Seven all had families, but they were slaughtered when the Bellician Empire invaded their homeland of Saporia. The seven girls were the only survivors, hurried to safety at age 11 in another country at the hands of a nobleman’s agent.

Most of the Dandelions are without families, although they were all adults when their relatives died in the Second Civil War. Barbara witnessed her husband and young son murdered. That gave her a vengeful streak. Jill’s husband was killed in the invasion of NYC. She takes it with the dry wit of the Jewish. Penny’s father is alive, leading a Cherokee resistance in Oklahoma, while Lisa’s husband is alive and fighting with the Indies in Dallas (the reason the escaped Dandelions went to Dallas to begin with). The other six don’t talk about it.

There is a practical side to that, you know. Do you have a mother? Would she let you trapse 1,000 miles in the company of a crazy wizard hellbent on saving the world from the ultimate evil? I didn’t think so. Get Mom out of the way, and the story can commence.

It’s also my natural frame of reference.

I’m an only child. Mom and Dad were considerably older when I was born. Mom was 33 and Dad was 45. That cradle robber is my hero! I grew up around senior citizens: grandparents, great-aunts and uncles, and a full set of great-grandparents born in the late 1800s. Other than my two cousins, I was the only kid in sight. Most visits consisted of hearing just how good it was in the Great Depression and World War Two. After we got home, Dad would say to me, “The Great Depression wasn’t great and World War Two was hard. I was in both!” The Old Man kept me sane.

Mom and Dad both died within months of each other in 2006. That was rough. It gave me bleeding ulcers. I’m over that. But it left me essentially alone in this world. There’s my framework for writing about an orphan.

You know what? I’m not lonely. It’s called solitude.

I like being alone with my wife and two cats, with the nearest relative 1,200 miles away. I can hear myself think. I can listen to Ozzie, Trane, or Bach. I can read Whitman, Fleming, and Playboy. I can go for a walk in the woods or sit on the porch smoking a cigar. Having grown up an only child, I’ve essentially done that my whole life, minus the cigar. It’s my frame of reference. I enjoy it.

With Aura, I decided to turn it from blissful peace into an anxiety-ridden phobia. She’s terrified of being alone, as in the only one, not as in solitude. She likes solitude, but who’s going to be there to keep her from doing something stupid? Those two years living in an alley as a child left her a wreck.

The Sarethian Seven and the Dandelions have each other. Tight friends who form families are my natural way of forming relationships. It’s nothing new.

Then, I created Katie. When I did, it just didn’t seem right to have yet another orphan. I wanted to give her a different dynamic. It would be fun to explore an actual family.

Except I don’t know what I’m doing!

Parent-Child relationship is easy. I had a wonderful one with my parents. But it’s from a son’s point of view. Relationship with my uncle? Simple. He and I get along great, as long as we avoid talking about politics and religion. But again, it’s a nephew’s point of view. How does a girl see her parents and uncle? I have absolutely no idea what to do with siblings! Share a bathroom? Are you insane! How does that work?

Well, I have friends. The oddity of my life is I’m a Baby Buster (born in 1963) and most of my friends were born in the 1980s. We never think about the age difference. Those guys and gals have siblings! Oh, yes, I raid my memories and observations of them quite greedily.

I have two very close friends who are both sisters. They may as well be family, we’re so close. The youngest lives in the same town with us and we see her and her husband several times a month. In fact, she’s my Beta Reader for the Aura novels. The two girls are eight years apart in age. They form the basis for Katie and Stephanie’s relationship (Katie and Steph are six years apart). The banter, the love, and the feuds, comes right out of fifteen years of watching those two girls interact. In a way, so do their personalities. Like the eldest, Katie is an ubergeek and prone to finding trouble. Like the youngest, Stephanie is the most serious Millennial ever born.

Their relationship with their mother is the foundation for Katie and Steph’s relationship with Gayle. Their relationship with their father is the backbone of Katie and Steph’s memories of their late Dad, Stephen. Frank and his relationship with the girls is based on far too many step-child dynamics I had the misfortune of watching growing up. As for Katie and Steph’s relationship with Jessie, I have my own memory. My uncle’s two girls are one year older and one year younger than me. We think of ourselves more as brother and two sisters than first cousins.

So, those frames of reference are borrowed, instead of actually being mine. But I think they’re solid enough to form a plausible narrative.


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Jessica Ashe is climbing quickly from bit player to major secondary.

At the moment, she's Greasehead, the mechanic. She keeps Steph's piece of junk moving, and will build Ashe Gadgets with Jarred.

But she seems more important than that.

When Stephanie is transformed into a telepath, and ascends as Whysper, the Protectors won't be supporting one superheroine, but two. So, Jessie will become their chief-of-staff. No one knows Katie and Stephanie like she does. She can anticipate their wants and needs before they even ask. She will work from a central base (that moves from basement to basement every month for security reasons), coordinating the communications and monitoring movements of eight crime-fighters, relaying calls for backup, and providing quick supplies in the field. Just in case someone is monitoring her broadcasts (someone probably is), she will need a codename. In case a genius of a villain bypassed Terri's safeguards (not likely, but possible) and hacked her cameras, she will need a disguise. At the moment, there are no plans for Jessie to gain superpowers, but she carries a BFH!* Does she need anything else?

So, it's off to raid the content folder for an appropriately sexy costume for an Ashe girl. Once again. I already know black is her color.

And it's off to spend time in my brain to come up with an appropriate name.

Seems like I did this twice already, but it's fun!

* You do know what a BFH is, right?
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Three of my four major story arcs were developed in private, at my own desk and in my own mind. Those are Aura Lockhaven, the Sarethian Seven, and Dandelions.

Aura appeared here in DA fully developed. So did Dandelions. The Sarethian Seven originated here as two renders, but those scenes took so long to tweak and get ready that by the time they were posted, I had their story pretty much established.

The exception is number four: Valkyria. Katie and Stephanie evolved from joke to full story right here, in public, on DeviantArt.

In less than two months.

I was already working with :iconakizz:'s Viona in The Enchantress and the Warrior. Considering the way Viona dresses, and that her power is magically based, I thought of her more as a fantasy character than as a superheroine. One of the Aura and Viona renders reached the eyes of the good folks in the superheroine genre. Then, someone invited me to join Super3Dand3DX community. I don't remember who -- Akizz, DangerGuy :icondangerguy01:, Thom Vinson :iconthomvinson:? Whoever it was -- you started all this, buddy! I owe you a beer. Or two.

Until that moment, I had worked exclusively in the fantasy and post-apocalyptic genres, with occasional forays into sci-fi and horror. My characters were spellcasters, gunslingers, and sword-bearing warriors. Or, they were overly-endowed bimbos who stumbled into monsters while not wearing much, if anything. They all wore flat heels. Superheroine appealed to me, having grown up with comic books and a deep crush on Batgirl and Rogue. But render superheroines? Never thought of it. Well, that had to change. I needed my own superheroine so I could contribute to the community. Hmm. Buxom gal? Naked? Tied up? Oh, what's not to love about this!

So, Katie Ashe was born:

Katie Ashe, Superheroine? by Nathanomir

At the time, I was attempting to capture the likeness of Playmate Miss March 1987 on a G2F. She quickly became the figure for Katie. It had been too long since I worked with Victoria 6 to use the sliders with any accuracy, so I scrapped the face and borrowed the face sculpt from Dandelion Barbara Caine. She had the sweetest face of that cast. I reworked her body to be more like Miss May 2011.

The idea that Katie was a modern day Valkyrie occurred to me in that space between wakefulness and sleep. That would involve the Norse goddess Freyja, and meant Katie was attractive to cats. Yay, cats! At the time of that render, her powers were still being shuffled around, she didn't have a family yet, and she didn't even have a superheroine name.

That was only August 18. Katie was meant to be a joke. An absolute joke. She was an excuse to use that Rhomb Suit, play with boobs and hips, and tie up a naked gal. Even after she was named Valkyria, she remained in the joke department, where everything that could go wrong, did ...

Oopsie by Nathanomir

Immediately, Katie found herself in the usual superheroine situation:

Mature Content

In the Clutches of the Coach by Nathanomir

This can go on forever! Why bother with the costume, if she's never going to wear it? Ropes are good enough for Katie Ashe.

Oh, yeah? Katie had other ideas. When Aura hijacked the old graphic novel back in 2010, and took over her own story, she was seductive, enchanting. She made love to me on the keyboard until she owned me. Katie just grabbed me by the throat and hurled me across the room like a broken action figure. With her high heel firmly embedded in my chest, she demanded more. Much more.

By September 9, Katie Ashe got what Katie Ashe wanted:

Midnight Guardians by Nathanomir

My characters do that to me. They take over. If you look at the edits to her character card (listed at the bottom of the description) you can see how she evolved through the month of September:

Katie Ashe / Valkyria Character Card by Nathanomir

Valkyria is now a serious comic, with heavy camp, nudity, and peril as the layers on top. Gotta keep it fun. Besides, Katie has a kinky side she wants to explore.

Katie's entire story took a sudden and dramatic turn with one character: Stephanie. She was just a supporting character, meant to be easy on the eyes:

Sister Time by Nathanomir

Then, I decided to put her in Katie's costume. Or rather, Stephanie put herself in it:

Sister Time 2 by Nathanomir

The comments to that scene ranged from "Not bad, Steph, not bad" to "I can foresee a time when wearing that costume will get Stephanie in trouble." Actually, I was ahead of them. On page four of chapter one, Stephanie roared from the supporting cast to stand alongside her big sister. That one panel changed everything:

StephComic by Nathanomir

I did not know Steph was going to do that until she did it. If the cheerleader would stand up to her abusive step-father, she would certainly fight crime and evil.

That meant:

A Suit of Her Own by Nathanomir

Stephanie was still unnamed and her powers had not been decided. She was also 17, too young for that costume to come off. Well, what about the next year, when she was 18 or maybe 19? College freshman is age of consent, especially if she's born in February.

About a week later ...

Stephanie Ashe - Whysper Character Card by Nathanomir

So, from Joke and Bit Player to ...

Valkyria and Whysper by Nathanomir

Valkyria and Whysper, curvaceous badasses.

It all happened right here.
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Now that Katie's Posters are finished, I can hang them in the set for her living room. Five days on making props! That's either dedication or insanity.

But it avoids a plagiarism suit.

And they were fun.

Which means I can start work on Valkyria, Chapter Two. In which Katie's powers are explained, and we see her transformation. First of many clothes ripping scenes.

Insomnia does have its benefits. In the last two nights, instead of laying in bed and watching the ceiling fan turn, I worked up some villains for Valkyria (one of them is just plain downright evil in the HOLY CRAP kind of way -- I must be a sick bastard to come up with someone like that), a neutral adversary-on-the-side-of-the-angels, and started fleshing out ideas for the stories between Book One and Stephanie's transformation. Which would be a good idea, huh.

I need to make up some more the Enchantress and the Warrior panels. We're moving into some emotional moments as Aura throws her considerable magical talent at helping recharge a weakened Viona. And there is that Mathilde lurking around with nefarious plans for our two ladies. In all the excitement over tackling a trio of ogres, does Aura even remember that she needs to find a certain wand?

Finally, I have two poll results to work up. The first -- TIE THEM ALL UP -- is actually ready to render, and was rendering fine, until I decided that I didn't like the villain's clothes. That one is going to be a Reality render. Two V7s and five V6s locked my GPU up tight. As for the second -- KISS OR DARE -- let's hope it gets to the rendering stage. Right now, setting it up is so darn hot I'm getting distracted. And I may have found another hidden pose in Katie's single-slider morph.

So, yeah.

How is your Tuesday?
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Fit-To for Genesis 3 is superior to Genesis 2. In fact, it may be G3's finest point, and G3 has some fine points. Victoria 4 items fit G3F as if they were made for her. Can't say that about G2F, especially lower leg items like Tanya anklets or TerryMcG's Red Sonja Boots. Those usually fly off and take a lot of cursing and fiddling to get to fit. Even V4 things that do fit, like AeonSoul's Classic Fantasy, look better on G3F than G2F.

Here's how to get around that.

Load a G2F and a G3F into a scene. Leave them both at zero.

Load and fit your V4 items to G3F first.

Then, transfer them to G2F. Tell Fit-To that they are G3F items. Perfect fit.

Save them as wearables. Apply to your Vicki 6 of choice.

Unfortunately, this doesn't help that pesky high-heel problem.

Below is a picture of the Red Sonja Boots from Red Sonja Cosplay for V4. The black boots were fit to Sonja (a V6) using standard Fit-To for G2F. The white ones using G3F first. You can see that the white boots are on Sonja while the black ones aren't.

G3F Fit by Nathanomir
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Today will be fun!

I'm making Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Power Girl, and maybe one other.

Katie is a comic book geek. She should have posters of superheroines on the wall of her apartment. And she will. But I just can't go grab my favorite Alex Ross painting of Wonder Woman, slap it on a plane, and call it a poster. It's also called plagiarism. While I can get away with depicting Wonder Woman in my story (commonly done across the various houses), I can't use someone else's trademarked art piece. So, I need to make my own.

Being a stickler for details (and requiring the details to be there to begin with), I'm extensively reworking the freebies found on ShareCG. WW is the first. She's Katie's main inspiration. Yeah, Katie leans more DC, simply because they have the icons, even if she does act almost 100% Marvel.

The TerryMcG WW breastplate is open in Hexagon as I write this. I'm amazed at the geometry. It's pretty extensive, and fit to a G2F with ease. It just needs some edging and a bit of detail in the middle. Minor sculpting. I'll also get rid of the eagle head. I'm modeling WW somewhere between the patriotic WWII look and the modern militant look. Quasi-traditionalist approach.

Batgirl will require some thought. The boots. Yeah, V4 heels on a G2F. Ain't happening. Fortunately, G2F has a wide variety of high heeled boots to choose from.

WW will probably get the Ultra Suit, since I can texture it section by section, and I'm eyeing the Leather Body Suit for Batgirl. The texturing on it is breathtaking, but I haven't used it much since I prefer a gal who shows cleavage. Well, Barbara doesn't.

Not sold on Powergirl. While Katie is going to act more like her than any other (tricked into sexual and naked situations, and inept at first), she doesn't strike me as the kind that Katie would draw inspiration from. But the suit is available. And heck, Kara has some nice hood ornaments.

Of course, Marvel should make an appearance somewhere, and my first thought is Rogue. Mid-90s Rogue, with the full figure and skunk stripe hair, of course. Actually an easy costume to set up without going into Hexagon for a thing. Hongyu even made a short jacket for G3F that would work perfectly.

You may ask where are the guys? Remember, Katie has a bad heart. She can't let her blood pressure rise too high looking at Clark Kent's muscles or Thor's codpiece.

Of course, I have Red Sonja and Cavewoman already sitting around drawing salary. May as well put them on the wall to represent the Indie houses.
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You know those wonderfully romantic and sensual scenes in movies when the couple wakes up, looks at each other, says a few sweet words, then the clothes come off (if they were ever dressed), and they start making passionate love?


Anyone capable of cognitive thought, much less oral communication, prior to one cup of coffee is an alien android.

Anyone capable of any physical activity, much less sex, prior to one full pot of coffee is a demi-god.

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That title got your attention, didn't it.

Good. Because I need your help.

I'm working on the results of my "Which Character Should be in Bondage Peril?" scene, and I'm a bit stumped. The characters are ready, disrobed, and well drugged ... drunk ... fed. I have the ropes and contraptions in hand. I know the poses I want.

But how the heck do I arrange five characters? I've never had this many tied up at once before. I don't really know how to arrange them in the scene for maximum viewing pleasure and maximum comedy.

So, if you know of any good multiple character bondage scenes, would you mind linking them in a comment so I can get some ideas?

By the way. When you see the villains ... OH YEAH! And when you see the peril ... you're going to think I'm the most evil person on earth. But it was my wife's idea! Blame her!
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Later tonight, I will introduce five more characters in the Valkyria story. They are the Protectors of Parthenon, five ordinary people with extraordinary skills who gather around Valkyria and Whysper to help them in their mission to protect their city.

Jarred Graves as Blaster, a genius electrical engineer with a sonic cannon.

Amanda Darkmoon as herself, a Wiccan high priestess and mistress of poison.

Alandra del Gato as Alley Cat, a feral child with a remarkable IQ, and one hell of a mean fighter.

Teresa McIntyre as Keystroke, a master thief who never met a computer she couldn't hack.

Sherman Jones as Ricochet, an Olympic gymnast with bulletproof rubber-like skin.

Yeah, three of them sound like they're on the wrong side, but Katie and Stephanie don't carry badges. Besides, Alley Cat and Keystroke reformed, and any witch is dangerous. Throw in Uncle Bob and Jessica, and you have yourself one heck of an urban neighborhood watch.

Granted, Sherman isn't exactly ordinary. He is actually Parthenon's first superhero, and second metahuman, predating Stephanie's transformation into Whysper (he will be a part of that story). But Sherman considers himself just a good guy, and refuses to call himself a superhero.

I'm a long way from putting these characters into play. Heck, Katie hasn't even become a Valkyrie yet! But having them in place helps me direct the story and know when they should be introduced to the comic. I'm thinking that Jarred should be introduced long before he assumes the mantle of Blaster, as he's Katie's friend. Amanda will appear in chapter three or four as agnostic Katie is about to have a major paradigm shift over the reality of celestial beings. It makes sense that she would go to a Wiccan about the existence of pagan goddesses. Ali, Terri, and Sherman will appear whenever they want to appear.
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I was reading the scripts for unrendered Dandelions short stories a few minutes ago. They're heavy, hard-hitting, and somewhat brutal. I thought, "Dammit, but I'm a cynical old bastard!"

Then, I noticed something I didn't intend. That is always a good thing.

The foundation for Aura Lockhaven, the Sarethian Seven, Valkyria and Whysper, and Dandelions is the same.

The good guys can win!

Aura fights evil through direct compassion. As she puts it, she "helps the helpless, defends the defenseless, and gives hope to the hopeless."

Valkyria and Whysper fight evil by protecting the innocent and setting an example for others.

The Sarethian Seven are mercenaries, but they're picky. They only hire out to good people who need a little muscle in their corner to stand up to bullies.

As for the Dandelions, they may be guerillas who deliver hell to the enemy, but they do so thinking that if they win the war, they can rebuild their lives in peace. There is hope in that idea.

So maybe I'm not a cynical old bastard.

Maybe I'm a romantic, idealistic old fool. Not a bad place to be these days, either.
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It’s been one month since I created what was meant to be an absolute joke. It’s now pretty durn serious and expanding at the speed of a supernova. Heck, the render wasn’t even finished before the character grabbed me by the throat and said, “Listen, buster. I have a great story. Let me tell it.”

I refer to, of course, Katie Ashe.

It isn’t surprising, really. This is how my stories develop. In 2010, I started an absolutely pornographic hentai graphic novel. Halfway through the first chapter, the main character stepped off the screen, shook her red hair free, and said, “Oh, poppet. I have a wonderful story. Do let me tell it.” That was Aura Lockhaven, who is now the star of what should be a 16 book series of novels. “Barbarian Wall” was a one-off render. The Sarethian Seven emerged from it, bringing three more characters and 200 pages worth of short stories with them. “The Defenders” launched Dandelions.

This is how I work. I create characters. They take over. From then on, they talk and I just take dictation. I’m not arguing with a powerful enchantress, seven swordwomen, ten gunslingers, and now a pair of juggernaut superheroines. Besides, all they have to do is wink and show some cleavage and they own me.

One month later, Katie has morphed from joke meant simply to put a gorgeous woman in naked bondage peril into a serious superheroine with some serious weaknesses. She will still be put in naked bondage peril but that industrial laser isn’t just a prop anymore. It’s meant to actually kill her. The humor will still be there, too, but now based on the characters themselves and the situations, not as a mere joke.

One month later, she has a name, Valkyria, and a city, Parthenon, PA.

One month later, she has an opening chapter of a comic. Let’s face it. That first chapter is pretty darn heavy! Yes, Katie suffered a fatal heart attack at the end, but her benefactor is keeping her heart beating. For now.

One month later, Katie has allies who will be shown as soon as I design them. The foremost being her uncle, Lt. Robert Ashe of Parthenon Police. You know it’s serious when the cops show up.

One month later, her little sister Stephanie is now poised to become Parthenon’s second superheroine, thanks in large part by support from y’all. She, too, is going to be serious. I already know the how, when, and why of her transformation, and what her powers will be. I just have to come up with a name for her in superheroine form. As for debuting SuperSteph in the comic … well … let her graduate from high school first.

One month later, the villains have grown from being the Coach to being homicidal gangsters and concepts that are every bit as evil as Katie is good. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. If a force for good stands up, it is only a matter of time before it attracts an equal and opposite force. I’ll still do one-offs featuring ludicrous villains, to give Katie a reason to get naked and tied up.  I’ll consider those to be my own fanart of my own character. Besides, they’re fun.

One month. Has it been that short? Has it been that long?

What will I say about Katie and Stephanie in September, 2018?

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With the release of DAZ3D's Victoria 8, what did I do? Created two new characters using Victoria 6 as a base, a figure that has been defunct since 2015.

Today, I drove my 3D Studebaker Landcruiser further back in time. *

Originally, Katie had been fitted with 3Feetwolf's New Gens for Victoria 6 2.0. Today, I retrofitted her with the standard default DAZ G2F gens, from the Victoria 6 Pro Bundle, of 2013. Remember those? The ones we seldom ever use?

Don't faint. It was necessary.

In goofing around with Katie, I put her in a pose where she had just been decked and was on her back. It was the first time I'd ever looked between her legs. I saw something odd in the crotch of her suit. Zooming in, sure enough, I saw labia. It wasn't poke through. New Gens for Victoria 6 2.0 has a built in vagina -- the actual cavity itself. For good closeup sex work, you know. Mesh Smoothing, in its infinite wisdom, decided to wrap Katie's suit all over the inside of her vagina, pulling it inside the girl.

In other words, Katie had vacuum pussy.**

Ouch. That can't be comfortable. Talk about a superwedgie!

Okay, that won't do.

The default gens may be primitive, but they do what I need them to do. Katie will be nude, quite a bit. She needs to look like a woman, not a genderless angel with curves. But she won't be doing any Hustler style leg-spread, holding herself open shots. That just ain't my bag. Tigerfish made a nice set of morphs back in the day that give the default gens a good cameltoe look that provides sexy contours to the suit. And they respond pretty well to body morph sets like Natural Hi-Low by Nirvy. It's easy to apply new material zones to darken the labia minora, and Adam Thwaite's Trinity System will take care of the texturing. More than that, the suit is not pulled inside the poor girl's body. She can walk around now.

To make sure, I'll reimport the suit from Hexagon, and go through the transfer process again. It's about five minutes worth of work. This time, I'll use a G2F fitted with the geograft. I didn't last time, and that may be the source of the problem right there.

* I've always wanted one of those massive bullet-nosed things. Don't ask me where I'd get parts for a car that's older than I am!

** That is the first time in my life I've ever referred to a woman's vulva as a pussy. I'm just too much of a romantic to use street slang for such an important and beautiful part of her anatomy. However, this time, it was blooming funny.
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Stephanie isn't even confirmed to be a superheroine yet, and already she's in the gravest peril of her short life at the hands of the most diabolical monster to ever grace my home.


I botched her single slider character morph. There's a missing step somewhere. None of her clothes are sticking to her body. The morph is not present in the list of available morphs for the clothes props. None of them -- suit, mask, gloves, boots. Even her hair and gens aren't sticking! That's bad for a girl. That's peculiar, since the morph is showing up in the list of custom morphs for G2F. The process worked perfectly for Aura, Viona, and Katie.

I've joked about creating a beautiful superheroine, not giving her a costume, and just calling her Nakedwoman. That was not meant to be Steph's character, however.

Back to the "export object file" stage.

Meanwhile, back at the Boutcave, I've about had it with the Ultra Cowl. It doesn't properly conform to Katie's face. In any extreme emotion, such as anger or a shout, it pushes back into her face. To correct that, I turned on Mesh Smoothing. That caused it to grab her eyelashes. Her eyes are barely visible now. There aren't any eyeholes, only transparent areas. Well, that is going to have to change. Time to send the Ultra Cowl to Hexagon and cut out what isn't being used. Then, refit the result to her face.

I get what I want!

Sometimes ...

Okay, cue the Rolling Stones song ...

EDIT: YES! I am happy to report that the new morphs for Stephanie are successful. The already fitted clothes recognize them, so there is no need to recreate the new material zones.
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The title ought to be a giveaway about the subject.

Bondage scenes!

Katie lives in a state of nude bondage. She's already appeared in one, and there are three more in the works. One will tie directly into "Sister Time," explaining Katie's black suit. Bondage, with and without the suit, will play a prominent role in the actual comic. How else are you going to hold someone who can move so fast long enough to slice her open with an industrial laser?

Stephanie blundered into her sister's usual restrictive accessories, but managed to keep her clothes on (good old age of consent laws in America).

Allyson has been in that situation, when she was in the concentration camp.

I don't have to talk about Brooke. She was hired specifically for such moments. It's time to put her to work again, too.

Viona is still in the house. That poor girl seems to stay in high-tech contraptions, sans clothing.

We have a new guest, who will be revealed shortly. She also seems to find herself without her clothes and tied up.

So ...

Aura dear. Come here. Let me see how these handcuffs look on you. Splendid!

Yes, it may be time for Aura to be in a bit of nude bondage peril. Well, a potential place for such a scene is coming up in The Enchantress and the Warrior. After all, why should my favorite enchantress and leading lady miss out on all the fun? Actually, in the novels, she gets tied up twice in the first book alone.

And it isn't like Aura and I haven't engaged in a bit of bondage play in private. Oh, she does look good like that. Sorry, Aura. You know as well as I do that iron repels magic spells.
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Thanks to :icondangerguy01:, I have a new G2F morph system! Whoohoo! There are never enough morph systems, especially for the face. It's this one, and it's free! Free things I don't have to pay for are even better.

In light of the new system, I'll probably revisit Katie's face. I said before that she wears a borrowed face.

She has the same face as Barbara Caine of Dandelions.

Faces -- Barbara by Nathanomir
Barbara Caine

Faces -- Katie by Nathanomir
Katie Ashe

The hair keeps them from looking alike.

When I created Katie, I attempted to give her Marina Baker's face (Playboy Playmate, March 1987). It had just been too much time since I created a V6 face slider by slider. After three unsatisfactory attempts, I said screw it! Just give her a recycled face. I chose Barbara as the sweetest looking of the Dandelions cast, which is an irony given that Barbara is the most unhinged of that squad (that's saying something with them) and has a vengeance streak fifty miles wide.

Since I'm working with Katie more than anticipated, I'd like for her to have a more unique look. It's tempting to try to make her look more like Ms. Baker, or better still, the face that makes me stop in my tracks and fills me with both great longing and a schoolboy's crush -- Sasha Bonilova. But for now, maybe new lips and a new nose.
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As I said earlier, Playhero is going to become a monthly feature. At the moment, Valkyria is booked for October. It occurred to me that the initial Playhero cover featured a pair of Original Characters: my own, Aura Lockhaven, and Viona by :iconakizz:. So, why not feature other OCs by other artists? I’m certainly open to it. It would be fun! In other words, here is your chance to see your OC on the cover of a major international metamen's magazine.

Playhero is a parody of Playboy. I have to say that to avoid copyright infringement, but it’s also true. As such, there are some ground rules for a collaborative effort, so that the cover remains faithful to the original inspiration and doesn’t cause me to pull out my hair.

    1.      The character must be female. She does not have to be human (i.e., Starfire).

    2.      She must be a superheroine, supervillain, supernatural, or spellcaster. Those are broad categories, too. There really isn’t anything super about Batgirl, except that she’s just so darn beautiful … and skilled … and … really packed into that spandex … and … you get the idea.

    3.      She will be presented at least topless or in other states of undress. I prefer full nudity on her torso, but that’s negotiable. She’s your OC.

    4.      See through dresses or other highly gossamer outfits are permissible. I have a whole theme park of lace and sheer cloth textures.

    5.      Gloves, boots, masks, and capes are welcome.

    6.      The cover of Playboy is almost always a teasing shot. Meaning, the model’s nipples and vulva are covered either by the pose or a prop. The pose for the Playhero cover will follow suit. Full nude butts, however, are common. Besides, a teasing pose is just darn cute. That is, unless you want full frontal nudity. I sure won’t complain. Aura and Viona were teasing, but Cavewoman was full frontal. It just depends.

    7.      The pose will be sensual and sexy, but not necessarily sexual. Playhero is based on Playboy, not Hustler. Ultimately, the image is an artistic nude glamour shot. It should bring out the best in your character’s beauty and confidence. We will work together to establish a pose that works for you.

    8.      We will work together to get a cover title and hook line that works for you.

    9.      The other article titles and hook lines are up to me (expect bad puns and zonker ideas).

    10.   There may be an alternative cover, if I find a pose that is just wowzah, but not quite what we want for the main cover.

    11.   I’ll post the cover on my DA page, and send you a copy, which you can certainly post on yours. Feel free to submit it to whatever group you wish. I will submit it to the Super3Dand3DX group, simply because they’ve been clamoring for more covers. Beyond that group, I won’t do that to your character.

    12.   Final caveat: PLEASE! NO gimme-gimme-gimme. I was once open to doing free commissions, but was terribly burned in 2010 by two different commissioners. After finishing the initial pieces, they both wanted more, with their requests plunging from the erotic to the downright pornographic. But something I’ve noticed about the superheroine community is that they are in it for fun, and are highly respectful of each other. So, I trust you guys and gals.

For the character transfer, I use the typical one slider morph system. You probably know what it is, since you share characters all the time. We’ll talk in depth about it, but here is a nutshell.

    1.      Create an object of your character nude. Base resolution, subdivision 1.

    2.      Let me know if she’s V4, G2F, or G3F. I can work with G8F, but in highly limited fashion. I can’t work with V5. Genesis 1 crashes my system for some crazy reason.

    3.      Send the obj file to me via Stash. I’ll take her from there. We’ll go out for dinner and a drink. Aura will show her around town. After eating my tacos, she may not want to go home.

    4.      Let me know what skin and hair the character wears, and what costume (if any).

    5.      If I have them, I’ll ask for a wearables preset or a materials preset. That just ensures that your OC on my end looks like she does on your end. I will alter the internal shader settings to match my setup, but that won’t make your character look funky. If you want to see how that works, compare Akizz’s Viona on the cover of Playhero August to the way she looks on his page.

    6.      If we use the costume, and it has a custom texture, I will need that, too.

    7.      If I don’t have her skin and hair, we’ll work together to find alternatives that fit your OC.

If you’re interested, comment below, and we’ll talk via notes.


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