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Boobs by Nathanomir

The winner of the Name Andromeda's Suit contest is :iconfdcomics: with Biological Orgasm Operating Battle Suit, or B.O.O.B.S.

His entry took first place in the poll by a margin of 2:1 over second place, Jack by :iconakizz:.

Because :icontrentharlow: made me laugh so hard, the name of the android from which Jaxon d'Archon extracts the CPU for B.O.O.B.S. will be named TH-7.

And major thanks to everyone who submitted a name selected for the poll: :iconmaltorramus:, :iconwefergie007:, :iconragingcyc0ne:, :iconbelleverse:, :iconthomvinson:, :iconmember9:, and :iconpaws4thot:.

By the way, if the suit is B.O.O.B.S., then these ...

Butt by Nathanomir

Must be Basic Utilitarian Toe Ticklers, or B.U.T.T. That would make them Andromeda's BUTTkickers.
Okay, so :icondevduck01: doesn't want to conquer the world. He just wants a hero that represents those of us who are a bit overweight.

Other than :iconlordlard:, who isn't necessarily a hero, but does find himself on the side of the angels where Tiny Ted is concerned.

As a man carrying sixty pounds of grad school (and I graduated five years ago!) inside his belt, I have to agree.

Enter Pink Pachyderm!

Head over to :iconrenderpretender:'s page and leave a comment saying I want my MTV! No, that was so 1980s. I want Pink Pachyderm and I want him now! Or something like unto that. Sir Duck promises goodies if RP gets fifty comments, and we get an extra large representative.

The full details of Sir Duck's request are here: Little Duck's everywhere need your help

What is a Pink Pachyderm? Beats me, man. But he sounds like a good buddy when I'm plastered. He should sit next to Elvis and Bigfoot and discusses the state of nude superheroine rasslin'.

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Aura, Valkyria, and Andromeda. I think I'll refer to my collective ladies as AVA. It has shades of Ava "Hemingway refused to drain the pool after she swam nude in it" Gardner.

I am starting the Andromeda comic. At the moment, I don't have any plans to go beyond the initial "how it happened" opening story. That will begin off DA, on my own blogs. The foundation of her story is sexual. In fact, it could appear in Heavy Metal, or even the now defunct Penthouse Comix back in the 90s. I don't like pulling my punches for the audience (it's my story), so I sure as hell don't like pulling them for a bunch of whining babies with dirty diapers (i.e., The Purity League). If the story requires that Andrea gets sexed up by alien machines, then she gets sexed up by alien machines. End of report. So, there will be another link on my sitenav page.

Night scenes render slow!

Speaking of Andromeda, don't forget to vote in the Name Her Suit poll. It's open through Friday, unless it appears we have an early runaway winner.

Work resumes on Valkyria this week. And we all said YAY! The irony is, while I'm beginning and keeping Andromeda off DA, I'm bringing Valkyria back. The Purity League doesn't care about violence, it seems. The comic could depict blood and guts and gore and eyeballs and flying limbs and veins between my teeth and they'd love it. *grumbles* They will just have to have all their cows over the number of times Katie appears nude. I'll clothe her when it's right to clothe her. The comic will continue to be posted on its own site, however. I'm trying to attract readers from other corners of the websphere that don't hang out on DA.

It's Obvious Statement time. So, you want to see more Aura in ropery scenes, eh? There will be more kinky dreams coming up. And if I can get bondage scenes to make sense (they have to be part of the story for me, not the centerpiece), then there will be more. Aura trusts me. Condemned is progressing. I won't release it until Part One is finished. But you'll get Aura nude and bound in almost every page.

I wish I could say The Fires of Tallen Hall was progressing as well as Valkyria and Andromeda. It isn't. The problem is I HATE my writing style! It feels to me as if Hemingway wrote a Conan story. Too staccato. Too subject-verb-object. I open it, start working on it, and one hundred words later, fall into a "This is shit! Aura deserves better!" morass from which I don't recover for a month. It only took me five years to write A Path of Stones for that reason, despite the story being complete in my head. My prose just lacks the poetic lyricism that I want it to have and that I think Aura's story deserves.

Eowyn is good to me. When I fall into this sort of thing, and lament how it's the middle of June and the second book isn't finished yet, she says, "You are working on Aura. You're telling the story of her with Viona, and Storm Warning. You're building a fanbase for her, and for Katie. You're making friends. Now, go get an ashwaganda and shut up before I kick you."

For the next several nights, I'm spending time with some old friends -- Raymond Chandler and John Steinbeck. See if I can crack this language and sentence structure barrier.

AWK! I just remembered Valkyria Shorts! "The Gunfight at the Not-too-Bad Corral." Okay. Sorry, Katie.

I need a clone and two more computers.

Finally, next week, I get to meet a couple of groovy DA hep cats! :iconlady-quantum: and :iconwhisakedjak: are dropping down to old Texas for a visit. We're going to paint the town purple! I don't know how to handle a blonde who can look me in the eyes barefoot, and who can twist me like a pretzel. There will be much yes ma'aming.

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Two and a half days to submit entries to the Name Andromeda's Suit Mini-Contest. Details are at: Name Andromeda's Suit Mini-Contest

I'm sitting here a my desk by the window, watching a woodpecker beat his brains out trying to drill into the side of the apartment across the way.

Woodpecker. Now, we're crossing animation houses. I live next door to Acme Brick Company. I often see coyotes and road runners. We have rabbits and ducks. I'm just waiting for a little bald man with a speech impediment to tell me I make too much noise. Now, we have Woody Woodpecker. My life is surreal!

The Enchantress and the Warrior is proceeding. I had to set up Mathilde's dungeon. My, my, but Viona looks awfully good strapped down to an X-table. Aura, of course, looks darn good naked and tied to a chair. Drooling yet? Speaking of EW, Eowyn finally caught up with it. I now have a sword pointed at my heart and an Irish-German redhead growling "Where is the next page, dammit!" So, it will be posted more regularly.

I may bring Valkyria back to DA. There isn't anything sexual in chapter 3 or 4, and the Purity League adores violence and bloodshed. In fact, there isn't anything that would arouse ire over here until late in chapter 5, when Katie has to deal with that elevated libido for the first time. I'll see. I have to make the pages first.

It appears Andromeda has proven to be quite popular. Don't worry. She won't replace Aura as my number one girl, or Katie as my main superheroine. She's for fun, jokes, and ... oh, hell ... downright prurient interests. I'm filthier than you think I am! I'm just vanilla about it. Although Andrea herself deserves more screen time, do you not agree? Now, to make up an origin comic for her. I'm still not quite sure how a dying girl meets an alien physician, but I'm working on it.

Eowyn's reaction to Andromeda was one of the most incredulous expressions I've ever seen, followed by a fit of giggles, then "I love her!" Andrea wears the first outfit I've ever given a girl that Eowyn didn't want hanging in her closet.

It's time to begin work on my summer commission. An old college friend contacted me. He's directing a production of Mary Poppins for his community theatre. He saw one of my Victorian renders and fell in love with Stonemason's Streets of Old London. He asked if I could make a render he could auction to raise funds for the production. Are you kidding?! Of course I said yes. I'm thinking of the moment when Bert is chalk drawing and Mary walks up on him. It will be posted here.

Aura's popularity still thrills and humbles me. Thank you for loving her! Now, she's branching out into science-fiction. Check out this series in which she plays a healer turned bounty hunter in the far future:  IGBH A Tiny Incident at Port Midas Part One. Aura makes her appearance in Part Five. If you don't follow :iconragingcyc0ne:, you should. His blend of fantasy and sci-fi is genius.

And I adore this one by :iconlady-quantum: Captain Aura 'Lockhaven' Nightshade  . LQ is working with the actual Aura figure. And it appears that Aura's figure is even curvier in full clothes. Does the Purity League really want us to cover our girls? Really?

And Aura gets the Bit treatment over in :icontrentharlow: Land -- W1CK3D.

You guys and gal are going to make Aura want one of those funny metal wands that goes ZAP ZOW, or a light saber.

Sleep patterns are still whacked, and that is keeping me from adhering to a schedule. With two major storylines, not counting Andromeda, EW, and Storm Warning, I need a schedule! But I haven't been terribly depressed in a month. I'll take what I can get.

All right. Enjoy your weekend. Don't do anything I would.
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Help me name Andromeda's suit!

Her suit is semi-sentient. It functions as valet, sidekick, and defense grid. I see it as having a personality between Alfred and Bob the Skull (the Dresden Files). It's a smart aleck, and lewd. If she backtalks it, it's just as likely to turn up the volume on her orgasmic stimulation as not. While it doesn't have a gender (it's partly a machine), I see it as male in mentality. That makes for an interesting dynamic between Andromeda and her "partner," and you can define that word however you wish.

So, it needs a name.

Here's how to play.

1. Offer your suggestions below. Make as many as you want. They can be serious, funny, alien sounding, etc. Just because the suit has a male personality doesn't mean it has a male name, either.

2. I will take my favorite ten and list them in a poll.

3. The winner of the poll is the suit's new name.

4. The suggestor of the winner gets a free render of Andromeda and his or her OC doing whatever (keep the TOS in mind).

Deadline for entries is Sunday at midnight (Central Time USA). That gives you five days to lay it on thick.

The suit may change looks in the near future. I'm checking into some more biological looking options. But the functions and personality will remain the same.

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My Muse has returned from the Bahamas. What did she bring me?

The idea for a new character.

Oh, thanks, lady! I love you, too. That’s just what I need. As if Aura and the Ashe Girls aren’t enough. I also have the Sarethian Seven and Dandelions sitting in semi-retirement, and they need some air time.

I don’t need a new character.

Then again … when I see the concept for this character …

Let’s just say Monty Python and Marilyn Lange in Young Boobenstein.

Yep, a character so totally over-the-top as to qualify as surreal self-parody. One I can’t take seriously. Taking my characters seriously is what ended up happening with Aura (she began as hentai), the Sarethian Seven (just your basic skin flick), and Katie (a joke). Of my four major storylines, only Dandelions began as grim and they have remained that way. So, maybe I do need this character after all.

Nah. Y’all don’t care anything about seeing an almost naked girl with a 36H-22-38 figure, heavily influenced by Tia Harribel and Rangiku Matsumoto, lots of transformation scenes, and probably kicking the snot out of the TOS. Yeah, I didn’t think so. Not even :iconakizz: wants that.

Silly Muse.

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I liken my muse to a naked woman, not unlike Aura or Katie in looks, bedecked in golden body jewelry. Usually, she's permanently attached to me, performing an eternal lap dance, all the while whispering ideas in my ear. And some of you wonder at my prodigious output? There you have my secret.

Yeah, well, the wench is on vacation this week!

Oh, I can come up with plenty of jokes, glamour scenes, and nudes. But those get boring. The name of my game is action! It's time for Aura to duel a rogue wizard, Katie to put her fists to work, and the Fantasy Trio to sling some swords. And ... It ain't happening. I spent three days staring at Aura, Katie, and Sasha, which is always a delight to my eyes, and only came up with a joke about filmy clothing on windy days.

Work has stalled on The Enchantress and the Warrior, Condemned, and Valkyria in the absence of said muse. Rats! The next sequence of EW is already written in my mind. All it needs is the renders. The upcoming sequence is pretty darn exciting, too. Mathilde reveals her plans, Aura and Viona end up in naked bondage peril, and they get some help from two unlikely sources. Fascinating, thrilling, and hot! And I got nothing! Same with Valkyria, Chapter 3. It's all storyboarded in my head. We finally get to see Katie swing into action in her first night on the job, and nothing's happening on screen. As for Condemned, come on! A story in which Aura is nude for 95% of the scenes? You'd think that would already be finished. Nope.

I'm revoking my muse's passport!

However, work proceeds at a great pace on Storm Warning Part 20. It is possible that my mind has shifted from the visual narrative to the written narrative. Storm Warning came on the heels of The Parthenon Contract. Both are essentially novellas. And I find myself wanting to throw my considerable 6'4" frame into The Fires of Tallen Hall with reckless abandon again. That is a good thing, as the novels are my main concern.

So, I'm taking the week off. I am rendering a personal project (which is flowing well, oddly enough) and am going to see what the fingers can do with words.

My muse should return from the Bahamas, all nice and tanned, this weekend.

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Collaborating with :icondangerguy01: on Storm Warning has been immensely satisfying, challenging, and fun. It's also been gratifying. The comments by many of you about how much you enjoy seeing the Auraverse in action thrill me. Thank you so much!

So, I want to extend to you the opportunity to explore Aura's world in depth. See it, hear it, smell it, and even touch it the way she does.

Many of you know that Aura is primarily the protagonist in a written novel, A Path of Stones. I do plan a whole series of books, although I've been sidelined in writing The Fires of Tallen Hall and Crimson Cloak * by depression, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and sleep deprivation. However, if I can push through those to write The Parthenon Contract and Storm Warning, I can freaking write a freaking novel! No more excuses. Anyway ...

I invite you to purchase and read A Path of Stones. Yes, I want to sell books! More than that, I think you will tremendously enjoy following Aura's adventures as she walks the path to become the enchantress you know here. Oh no, she isn't an enchantress when her story begins. She's a newly initiated wizardess, wears a brown dress, and you only think she's troubled by her past. The first novel contains the most horrifying monster I've ever created, a magical duel, a mad inventor, several mysteries, and the introduction of both Elisabeth Lovejoy and Miriam Fayne.

A Path of Stones is available in four formats: hardback, paperback, Kindle, and ePub. Just follow the links at the bottom of

If you purchase A Path of Stones between now and July 1, I will give you the PDF version of Aura's Almanac. Yes, it's a sales pitch from the man who hates sales pitches! Aura's Almanac is the supplemental book explaining Aura Lockhaven's world. Its 80 pages contain the histories of the nations, the religions, the magical orders, the astrology, the elements (she has seven), and a detailed genealogy of Aura's paternal line. If you buy the book, send me a note and I'll send you the link to the PDF. I trust you not to fib to me (I can tell if you bought the book or not, anyway).

Some of you have already purchased A Path of Stones, so note me and I'll get you Aura's Almanac. :iconfdcomics:, :iconjanus3003:, :iconlady-quantum:, and :iconakizz: are in that list. Anyone else?

When I first began telling Aura's story back in 2010, it was set in Pre-Conquest Manchester, England. Translating the graphic novel into a written novel presented several insurmountable obstacles, namely historical fact. As a history minor, I'm willing to bend fact, but not break it, especially when it comes to fashion, religion, and architecture. Hence, I moved her to an alternative England where I could do what I wanted. Before I did, I spent several months creating that world. Aura's Almanac is the result.

My approach to describing her world here on DA and in the novel is the same that I'd use to describe Texas to anyone not from the state. I won't tell you where Dallas is, or that we have cattle, or that summer makes you forget your fear of Hell. I assume those are known quantities. If not, Google is your friend. So, I simply describe Hartshorn, Ayrdland, the Valley of the Mystic Moon, the magical orders, or the five religions as if everyone learned all that back in high school. You already know who King Wilbur the Angry was, so I don't need to tell you. Aura's Almanac helps me keep my scatterbrain in order so I can take that approach. You'd be surprised how often I refer back to it. Hey, I wrote it down so I don't have to remember it!

The deadline to take advantage of this invitation is July 1. I'll plan something else to celebrate the month of Aura's creation. Besides cookies.

* Originally, I titled the third novel Scarlet Cloak. Recently, I discovered I had the wrong color name. Scarlet is the red that lies in the orange range, while Aura wears red tinted with purple, or Crimson. So, she's now the Crimson Enchantress and the third book has a new title.

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Recently, I ran a series of polls to determine interest in a contest to celebrate the eighth anniversary of Aura’s creation in July, 2010. I also tested the waters for a contest’s more democratic little sister, the artjam. Both were to feature Aura and your OC in a story/image in a genre of your choice.

Here are the results and analyses of the polls.

The first poll was to see if there was any interest in an Aura/Your OC Contest in July. It contained my obligatory joke answer. The results were:

Yes = 20

No = 6

Will there be cookies = 25

Um … That’s the first time the joke answer ever won a poll! The net results can be tabulated as:

Yes = 20

No Interest = 31

Clearly, there isn’t enough interest in a contest, when food is on the table.

The second poll repeated the question, but eliminated the joke. You don’t want my baking anyway. I leave the oven to Eowyn, and focus on the stovetop. The results were:

Yes = 26

No = 13

So, Yes gained 6, but No gained 7. Ouch! And 11 of you didn’t bother voting this time. The ratio of Yes to No is 2:1, what I would consider the threshold for a contest to be even worth your time to participate and mine to judge. Meaning, such a low turnout is going to be a drudgery on all of us. 3:1 would have meant more fun! 4:1 and I create a fourth prize position.

So, based on those two polls, there isn’t enough interest in a contest to warrant hosting one.

How about an artjam? They’re more fun and egalitarian anyway. I don’t have to do much. Since there’s no pressure, no prizes, and minimal rules, low participation doesn’t mean anything.

The third poll was a simple would you be interested in an Aura/Your OC ArtJam. The results:

Yes = 24

No = 13

The end result is almost the same as the second contest poll. A 1.8:1 ratio, however, is far more flexible for an artjam than a contest given the open-ended nature of an artjam. An artjam would have been a heck of a lot more fun all the way around with a ratio of 3:1, but this indicated that was the way to go.

The fourth poll was just to clarify which of the two possibilities was the most popular.  Because you only get one of the two options, I pitted Aura/Your OC Contest against Aura/Your OC ArtJam. The results:

Contest = 18

ArtJam = 9

Neither = 14

Whoa! I expected ArtJam to run away with the win. Nope. Despite the apparently popularity of ArtJam in the previous poll, Contest shellacked it when they faced each other. In fact, Neither torpedoed ArtJam by a comfortable 5 votes. How did this happen?

Ratios on this are:

Contest defeats ArtJam by 2:1.

Neither defeats ArtJam by 1.6:1.

Contest defeats Neither by 1.2:1.

Contest is the winner, but by a margin so slim as to not be worth any of us getting out of bed.

Overall analysis of the four polls indicates that the enthusiasm for a contest is marginal. It’s decent for an artjam. But the enthusiasm for an artjam is dismal when it’s compared to a contest for which there is minimal enthusiasm. Paradox anyone?

In fact, the only clear constant in all four polls is No Interest. Couple No Interest’s monumental score in the first poll with Neither’s almost victory in the fourth, and “Count Me Out” is the winner.

Ultimately, it looks like there just isn’t enough interest, enthusiasm, and desire for either a contest or an artjam to bother hosting one. I don’t blame anyone! Where I live, it’s 100F. That’s 38C for the rest of you. It’s just too gorram hot to think. By July, it will probably be 110F (44C) or hotter. Welcome to Texas. And 2018 has been difficult for me, probably for you as well. I’m in the “Can 2018 just end now” phase of the rest of the year. You might be, too.

So, the prospective Aura/Your OC Contest/ArtJam is canceled for lack of interest.

That actually makes my life easier. :D

There does, however, appear to be significant interest in cookies.

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I'm considering hosting a contest to celebrate the month of July. That is the month when I created Aura back in 2010.

The current poll tells me that I didn't establish my intent for it.

So, this is what I'm doing.

I'm going to run one poll to see if there's any interest. After all the contests and artjams we've had lately, we may all be burned out.

If there's enough interest, I'll run a second one to determine the type of contest: art only, story only, combo (illustration with short story, or vice versa if that's how you look at it). I tend to think the latter option, because that's what I do, but there are other options. If you can think of one, please tell me in a comment. Art would be open to 3D, hand drawn, and digital drawn. I know some of you are artists, but not writers, while others are writers and not artists. I want to make the contest open for everyone. Heck, if you're a writer, and we choose one of the options that requires art, you can even hire a commission. Just establish that the commissioned piece is YOUR idea. If it follows your story, that will be pretty obvious to me. Not a problem.

The subject of the contest would be Aura and your OC. In ANY genre: fantasy (duh), superhero/ine, pirate, old west, Victorian, steampunk, sandalpunk, sci-fi, etc. I tend to think action, but there are other possibilities. That will be up to you. Yes, she can be nude. Yes, the scene/story can be sexy. Just remember my parameters for her. If the contest happens, I'll cover those in depth.

Some of you are already working with Aura in your own stories -- :iconakizz:, :icondangerguy01:, and :iconthomvinson:. The contest (if it happens) would be open to you, too. Just set the story in something other than what you're already doing (The Journey, Storm Warning, Mountain Valley/Pink-Red Force). May be a good time to see how Aura and Viona, Duster, or Stainless Stella look as samurai. Others of you already have little Auras running around. Of course, you can participate!

The prizes would be the ability to punch Tiny Ted in the face! No, I'm kidding. I'm thinking about the prizes right now. Although, if that were the prize, all of you would queue up immediately.

So, I'm going to rerun the initial poll. With no joke option this time.

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The sexuality of many popular characters is established. Some, like Scarlet Gravity and Lady Quantum, are set in their character biographies. Others, such as Duster and Viona, are given by their relationships. I’ve never formally established the sexualities of my four major characters. Today, I thought I’d do that because it’s a fun topic.

Before I begin, let me say that there are two versions of all my characters – Canon and DeviantArt.

Canon for Aura is what happens in her novels. That applies to secondary characters, such as Elisabeth Lovejoy, too. Canon for Katie, Stephanie, and Jessica is what happens in the Valkyria comic. Canon is ironclad. Their character cards reflect Canon.

The DeviantArt versions are my own fan fiction and fan art of my own characters. The rules can be bent to suit the story. They permit me to explore the characters in ways that I probably won’t in Canon. I feel that way about my Aura-Viona crossover The Enchantress and the Warrior, and :iconakizz:’s version of the same, The Journey. That also applies to Storm Warning, the Aura-Duster collaboration with :icondangerguy01:, all three versions of Aura running around :iconthomvinson:’s world, and Aura’s involvement with the Tiger Goddess in :icontrentharlow: Land. Those stories are non-binding and the Canon rules can be bent. Within reason, of course, and we all trust each other with each others’ characters. In some places, the rules can be smashed (Darth Aura). It all depends on the need of the story.

So, with that in mind, here are my girls and who they toss into bed.

Aura Lockhaven

Canon: Aura is as straight as a spear. She has no interest in women. She also has an unfortunate history with men because she’s naïve and gullible. There is a possibility she will have a tryst with a woman in a future novel. Aura has hinted that it happened, but hasn’t told me the details. She’s also hinted that at some point in her life, she got married. To a man. She likes to tease me. Aura has told me about her upcoming romances. Sometimes the men seduce her. Other times, she seduces the men. Aura is an equal opportunity lover. Yes, the novels get sexier. She is an enchantress, and it's built into their system that magical power is greatly enhanced through sex.

DeviantArt: This Aura is polyamorous, and has a “love the one she’s with” attitude. She prefers men, but if the one she’s with is a woman, it’s on. By now, you have an idea where Aura and Viona are headed. Trust me, it’s going to be PDH (Pretty Darn Hot)! It’s also going to be romantic. Hence, why I took EW off DA. That scene really requires me to not imply, but be explicit. In Condemned, we get Aura’s first ever published full sex scene. There will be no question what she’s doing riding her man! As for Storm Warning, DG and I haven’t discussed sexing it up, but you are dealing with the two of us. You think you know me? You don't know me! Akizz has plans for The Journey, and that is entirely up to him. Thom’s ideas melt my monitor! And in the Trentster’s world, Aura has already gotten it on with the Tiger Goddess. Sounds like my enchantress is making up for lost time. DA Aura has a greater ability to enhance her power through sex, just because I want it that way.

Katie Ashe

Canon: Katie is straight. She likes men. Her experience is limited because of her heart condition, but now that she’s healed, she is going to start being more active. She does have that libido, however. So if a woman caresses her shoulder too long, that woman best prepare to be worked over for hours. The same can be said about a man, even if that man is a gangster. Sleep with the enemy much, Katie?

DeviantArt: This Katie is downright lascivious, although I haven’t really done much with that. Yet. She prefers men, but women are also on the menu. Yep, yep. So far, the only place that has happened is in Tora's bed in Trent Harlow Land.

Stephanie Ashe

Both Canon and DeviantArt: She’s straight. Period. Does not like girls. Sorry. But she’s kinky as hell! Steph actually loves the idea of Naked Bondage Peril. The more sexual peril, the better. I’ll explain the cause in the next journal entry, if I remember to do it. DA Steph will see more NBP action than Canon, simply because it’s fun. Besides, Canon Steph is still in high school. DA Steph is legal.

Jessica Ashe

Both Canon and DeviantArt: Jessie is bisexual. She has a long history with men – too long actually, which includes both a trip to an abortion clinic and a brutal rape. But she is also attracted to women. This is the one exception to my split Canon/DA concept. Jessie’s great love is Masumi Steele, the second She-Cat. That’s a relationship that :iconshe-cat-1: and I both want to happen in our respective Canons. I’m not fully comfortable with including someone else’s copyrighted character in my copyrighted works, but Jessie is a long way from becoming Strykana in Canon. By the time I get there, we’ll have figured it out. In the meantime, Kitten and I will continue to explore the romance of our characters here on DA.

So, there you go. You have an idea what to expect in Aura's novels and in Valkyria, as well as what to expect here on DeviantArt. And why they're a bit different from each other. Those of you who want to play with my characters now know what is possible. For Aura, Katie, and Steph, boy-girl is a definite. Girl-girl is a definite for Aura and Katie. Machine-girl (consensual tentacle-girl?) is a definite for Steph. Jessie is taken.



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Didn't I just have a birthday yesterday? In January? 2018 is one third over and I haven't gotten anything done!

Tomorrow is Beltane. If that doesn't mean anything to you, think May Day. Wrapping the Maypole is a metaphor for what happens in bed. In other words,

Summer's here and the time is right
For dancing in the sheets.
All we need is passion, sweet passion
There'll be passion everywhere.
There'll be swingin', swayin' and bedframes shakin'
And dancing in the sheets.
Oh, it doesn't matter what you wear
Just as long as you are bare.
So come on, every guy grab a girl
Everywhere around the world.
Get dancing!

I'd do a Beltane image, but who wants to see naked Aura, naked Ashe Girls, and perhaps naked Sasha and Amber dance around a bonfire carrying torches and acting like Pagans? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Speaking of Aura, I'm switching her hair to Olenna by AprilYSH for most standalone images, with Leyton by April for The Enchantress and the Warrior and Condemned. Both are a heck of a lot lighter on the geometry than Free Spirit and Streaming, and much easier to pose. Olenna looks like Free Spirit and the book description of her hair, while Leyton is shorter (that permits us to see her hands when they're tied behind her back). Back when I tested different hair styles on Aura, I tried Olenna. Beats me why I rejected it, unless it was that I didn't have OOT's Iray Pair Hair salon at the time.

Many of you requested a bit more to "Aura's Dream: For Sale." Well, it looks like a third scene is in order. Stay tuned.

It's time for Playhero May 2018! This coming month features Ms. Amazing and Sorceress by :iconfdcomics:. Twice the skin, twice the fun.

By a margin of 2:1, you said you prefer Condemned as a PDF in four parts. That's easier on me, too, from a production standpoint. So, that's what we'll have. Now, the question is, do you want each part as it's finished, or all four at once?

Edit: Holy Cow! Pageviews are up 1,000 since just Thursday!

There's an interesting phenomenon here on DeviantArt that doesn't exist on Facebook. Most of my FB friends and followers are American. Many of you aren't. I have to remind myself here that quite a few of you think 45 degrees is blooming hot, and that football is played with the feet. You also think I can't spell when I type color or humor. Gas goes in the oven or out the backside of the human, not in the tank of the car.

Oh, you from Britain and the Commonwealth will love this. Being well versed in Brit-Lit and British culture (for a Yank), I like to throw Americans for loops. I flick the vick quite often to people who irritate me. They think I'm just stupid and don't know the peace sign. Although, Darkest Hour may have ruined that for me. Then again, the people who irritate me are usually not intelligent enough to see a biopic about Winston Churchill. I also flummox Americans by referring to the lift and the tely. Too much Monty Python. Just wait until I ask what type of engine they have under the bonnet.

Final news. The doctor's protocols seem to be working. Mostly. I feel much better. I simply need to exercise (but I don't wanna!) and my sleep patterns are still whacked. One step at a time, I reckon. At least, depression is back in his cage. The door isn't locked by any means. He sometimes gets out and wanders around the place, asking what's for lunch.

That's it. Catch you next month, or tomorrow, which ever comes first.
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Okay, two winners.

I'm the first winner.

100,000 pageviews. That still stuns me. This time last year, I had 20,000. Just a low-list fantasy artist who really didn't play well with others. Things change. For the better.

Now, to the big winner.

The winner of the 100,000 Pageview Kiriban is ...


He sent me a screenshot of 100,000 pageviews right on the nose.

All right, sir. Think about what you'd like for your Kiriban, and let me know.

Major thanks to the participants who made this a horse race right down to the wire: :iconakizz:, :iconlordlard:, :iconlady-quantum:, and :iconfdcomics:. You guys and gal had me biting my nails watching the number tick higher and higher.

I guess I better get to work, huh? If I'm going to hit 200,000, the quality needs to improve.

In the meantime, Katie has invited Duster over for a pajama party to celebrate. :icondangerguy01: may not get his girl back in one piece.
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Okay guys and gals. We’re down to the wire now. I’ll hit the magic number in 500 more pageviews. Uh, 493.

And you have the chance to be part of the fun.

I will give a Kiriban to viewer number 100,000!

What Is A Kiriban?

It began in Manga. The reader who struck a set milestone received a free drawing. In my case, the 100,000th viewer gets a free 3D render, made by me, of his or her choice – within a certain set of parameters.

Who Is Eligible?

ANYONE! Don’t disqualify yourself just because you’re collaborating with me (*cough* Akizz *cough* I’m looking at you Dangerguy *cough*). I have no control over who wins.

How To Play!

Keep a close watch on my home page. When you see Pageviews strike 100,000 take a Print Screen of it, save it as a JPEG, and post it onto my wall as a comment. I’ll see it and see your name by it.

The Pageview closest to 100,000 wins the Kiriban!

The winner must be 100,000 or greater. 99,999 does not qualify. 100,002 does.

You must post the printscreen to prove you’re the Man or the Woman. Just telling me doesn’t qualify.

What the Winner Gets!

A 3D render of roughly 2000x1500, depending on the needs of the scene.

It will include the winner’s OC, if he or she has one, and any of mine: Aura, Katie, Steph, Jessie, all the Ashe girls, or Chastity, or my actresses Sasha, Amber, and/or Lindsey. If the winner just has to have Tiny Ted, okay. I’m not comfortable using Cavewoman. Fanart is fine with Mr. Root, but a Kiriban could stretch his Mr. Fantastic patience a bit. I won't use someone else's OC (such as Viona), unless the winner gets permission of the OC's owner first. If the winner’s OC is hand drawn, I will work her (95% certain it will be a woman) up in 3D. If the winner doesn’t have an OC, we’ll talk about options.

Any subject/genre is open: fantasy, sci-fi, pirates, superheroes, etc. The only limits are if I can pull it off technically, and if the needed sets, props, and clothes (as if!) are available. If I have snags, I’ll let the winner know.

By now, you should have a good idea of what I will and will not do with my characters. I’m pickier with Aura than the Ashe Girls. But just a reminder, I won’t do: Vore, gore, non-con sex, peril where there is no escape at least implied for the captives, bodily excretions, spanking Lord Lard again, and unreasonable body transformations. And while I am more than happy to poke the TOS, let’s not bitch slap it to the Moon. Now, if the winner wants to feed Tiny Ted to a tyrannosaurus, I'm all ears!

I do ask that the winner be patient with me. This type of scene requires my "pack as many props into it as my computer will allow" work flow. It will be treated as a full art scene, not a comic book quickie.

Once the Kiriban is finished, I will send it to the winner. He or she can do with it as he or she pleases. Feel free to post it. I will post it over here, but not submit it to any groups. That's the winner's thunder and I won't steal it.

All right, friends. Get watching!


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:icondangerguy01: and I decided on a title for the Aura-Duster crossover.

Storm Warning.

Because of DA's setup, we can't favorite our own pieces to put in a folder with each other's for continuity. But we did devise a way to keep reading simple.

For openers, we are going to tag each other's pieces, in the usual "the previous piece is here," and "the next piece is here." You can follow the links from one to the other without having to bounce from my page to DG's. Not that seeing our other images isn't fun, of course.

We both set up folders in our Galleries to hold our half of the stories. Mine is third down, named Storm Warning, just under Aura and Katie's primary folders.

Finally, we set up folders in our Favorites to handle the other guy's half. Mine is fourth down, again named Storm Warning, under the two artjams and :iconakizz:'s The Journey.

If that didn't make sense, please don't hesitate to ask.
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A multitude of adjectives come to mind: humbling, gratifying, awe-inspiring, incredible.

Once in a writer or artist's life, he creates one character who assumes a life of his or her own. Conan Doyle had Sherlock Holmes. Robert Howard had Conan the Barbarian. Edgar Rice Burroughs gave us Tarzan. Jim Butcher created Harry Dresden, while Ian Fleming created James Bond. Okay, so Stan Lee created a hundred, but he's a god. Let's just give him all the accolades and send him off the stage, shall we?

It seems I had the fortune to create Aura Lockhaven.

Aura has grown beyond my page. So many want to play with her now. I don't mean just interpretations, of which there are many: :iconfdcomics:, :iconjanus3003:, :iconkheops2000:, :iconmember9:, :iconragingcyc0ne:, just to name a few. That would be humbling and lip-drubbing enough. I mean those artists who want to include her in their stories.

:iconakizz: started the phenomenon by beating me to ask "What would happen if Aura and Viona met?" The result is his incredible story The Journey.

:iconthomvinson: is writing an epic fantasy including Aura and First Squad that will serve as part of the backstory to his Mountain Valley mythology.

:icontrentharlow: paired Aura with the Tiger Goddess as a mythological foundation for his character Tora the Tigress.

:iconlady-quantum: has not just made too-sultry-to-handle images of Aura and Lady Quantum, as well as darn cute, but it was her idea to form the four-way Hyborean age crossover featuring LQ, Viona, Aura, and :iconwhisakedjak:'s character, Nakia.

Now, the Man Himself is leaping into the pool of Aura's seductiveness.

I mean, :icondangerguy01:

Tis Himself has been smitten with Aura for some time. I don't blame him. I'm quite in love with her myself. This image, however, set that rapid-fire creation machine DG calls a brain into motion: The Bellows and the Coals.

It didn't take many days for him to ask about a Duster-Aura crossover. Of course, I said yes! The prospect of working with DG? The idea of Duster and Aura smashing heads side-by-side, and probably losing their clothes? Does the phrase HELL YEAH mean anything to you?

We're tagteaming this. He will write a part of the story and illustrate it. I pick up where he leaves off. He picks up where I leave off. And so on. There will be a few differences. DG is using the version of Aura he made for my January quasi-artjam: Aura Lockhaven. She's PDH (Pretty Damn Hot) in my opinion. I'll use my familiar G3F version. The clothes and hair will be the same. The Dusters will be the same. It's just easier on us both if we do it this way. Besides, do any of you ever actually look at Aura's nose? I didn't think so.

Our story begins here: Auraverse Duster

So follow along, Aura and Duster fans. It's gonna be epic! Okay, so maybe not epic, but better than prime-time television.

Aura is going to go sit in the cool of the shade, sip an ale, and wonder what she did to become so popular. Her days as a mere healer of her town may be over.
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Okay. Problem sorta, kinda, maybe solved. At least, it's workable enough for me to say I'm back in business.

The key to the initial logjam was a faulty OptiX Accelerator. A comment to my DAZ Forum post suggested turning it off. That engaged the GPU.

So, my tests afterwards:

Mature Content

Katie Gains On Aura by Nathanomir

This was the scene that started it all. Yesterday, around noon. Today, it ran on GPU only, and finished in 20 minutes. That is what I expect for three nudes with no set. One-off art pieces are a go. Those of you drooling over Aura's kinky dreams have nothing to worry about.

Mature Content

Curvaceous Heroines by Nathanomir

A bit more crucial. Okay, very crucial, considering I haven't finished the Aura-Viona crossover yet. Two G3Fs, clothed, with a genuine set. I had to engage the CPU devices to get it to have any speed. It took two hours to render, which is unusual for Aura and Viona. Now, we know how they are when they're together, but they're still dressed and not touching. However, The Enchantress and the Warrior can continue without any changes, and so can work on Condemned.

Mature Content

Who Ticked Off the Ashe Girls by Nathanomir

Perhaps more crucial. I needed to see if the G2F version of the Ashe Girls would work. These are the comic book versions of them. It finished in 20 minutes. So, Valkyria is back in action.

Now, that doesn't mean there aren't problems. Why did Aura and Viona require so much time? And maybe you guys who know more about GPUs than I do can explain this. In all three renders, the amount of geometry and textures sent to Iray was all under 1G combined. Yet, in all three cases, the GPU reached maximum memory usage. Is that normal?

Many thanks to :iconlady-quantum:, :iconakizz:, and :icondevduck01: for their suggestions. Even though they didn't work, they did offer some ideas elsewhere. Akizz said that the most recent Win10 security update is known to reduce the performance of the CPU by up to 30%. Aha! Lady Quantum looked at my DAZ log and said my GPU may be faulty. Now, that isn't something I want to hear, but if it is, then it is. The Duckster pointed me toward some good geekiness I didn't know about for Win10.

Time for a genuine art piece.

And for now, the crisis is minimal, if not fully passed.
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This is going to be a disjointed, somewhat ranty, post. I was up to 4AM trying to figure this out, so I'm crankier than usual. And there isn't anything I can do except twiddle my thumbs until the techies at DAZ get back to me.

All renders are on hold.

DAZ Iray throws everything but a single character scene over to CPU rendering. Even three nude G3Fs, with no set or props, goes to CPU. Tell me why? Tell me why a GTX-1060, with 6G VRAM and 1280 cudas can't handle that. Also, tell me why DAZ Studio says it's exporting 555M of memory to the GPU, but my GPU monitor indicates it receives 6G. At what point does memory usage exponentially increase?

My CPU is heating to 98C. I can't even touch that side of the computer. Yeah, I know Aura and Katie are hot, but let's be serious for a moment. 98C is redline. It's only two degrees away from either meltdown or shutdown. And the monitor did bump 100 for a brief second.

I installed the latest nVidia driver. I installed the latest cuda core updates. I installed the latest DAZ Studio. Nothing helped. Diagnostics show my video card is working perfectly.

I just posted the problem over on the DAZ Forums. In Nuts and Bolts. It's better if the techies look at it. Too many snarky comments in the Commons.

So, I'm not rendering anything until I hear back and this is solved. Or at least, until I get a firm answer.

Now, as cranky, frustrated, and sleep-deprived as I am, I'm about to get both Fatalist and Conspiracy-Theorist. If those ain't your cup of mixed teas, skip the rest.

From watching the Studio status box (it's a fascinating thing to do while I wait for the image to start) over the past year, I have a feeling this isn't anything new. I used to wonder why a single character rendered in five minutes, but add a second one and suddenly it's two hours. If that's true, then my lovely little Kaby Lake CPU's life expectancy has been compromised.

Based on other posts, and answers to said posts, about similar issues, albeit with much older and smaller GPU cards, it seems that Iray only runs on the GPU if the scene is small. As in, a portrait of a single character. Everything else is CPU based.


NVidia horsnoggled DAZ, and is hoodwinking us. They're tricking us into thinking Iray is this wonderful GPU-based speed demon. Well, it is. If we keep it simple. Otherwise, it's a CPU-based rendering engine. In which case, nVidia is tricking us into spending gobs of money on high-priced video cards we don't need. Their high-priced video cards! If Iray is really CPU-based, then all we need is something little, and cheap, to drive the monitor.

That's the conspiracy theory.

Now, the Fatalism.

If I have to render on the CPU, I'm returning to Reality-Luxrender. It's designed for CPU-rendering. At much cooler temperatures. The hottest Reality ever ran on my old Sandy Bridge computer was a reasonable 86C. And that was with bad thermal compound. My Kaby Lake ought to run it asleep.

Luxrender is slow. As in glacial. A two hour Iray render is a two day Reality render. And I'd have to retexture everyone and everything to comply with Reality. Anagenesis doesn't work in it. But if I have to convert, I have to convert.

What would using Reality-Luxrender mean for my major projects?

One Offs: Aura was rendered in Reality from 2013 until March, 2017. No changes there. The Ashe Girls have been several times. There will be major textural differences in their clothes since Reality requires a diffuse map. Other ones offs are the same. No big deal.

The Enchantress and the Warrior
: I've already changed things about Aura and Viona during the course of this story. What's one more?

Condemned: I'll have to start over from the first panel. Fortunately, there are only 30 of them, and I saved them.

Valkyria: Dead. Reality is just too slow for a production comic. If I had a render farm, that would be different. I could expect to create two panels per day. At my present level of technological acquisition, two panels per week is all I could expect to achieve, and that would compromise the other projects. Although, I could convert Valkyria to 3Delight. That is a possibility. The best I can get with 3DL is a cheap airbrushed look, but it is fast.

The major drawback to rendering in Reality instead of Iray is I won't be using light emitters anymore. Oh, I can, but I won't! To use them requires a convoluted process that includes hacking the Luxrender script before launch. It just isn't worth it. There are other ways, such as loading the scene with point lights inside the effects.

I also can't use Iray HDRIs in Reality. I don't think. It ought to be possible, though. Maybe with enough experimentation.

All right. Enough being morose. Since I don't have anything else to do at the moment, I'm going to set up Aura and Katie for Reality, and see how they look.
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I based the Ashe Girls' relationship on my own with my two first cousins, Kim and Tracie. Kim was one year older than me, Tracie a year younger. We were more like siblings growing up. Obviously, I was in the place of Jessie.

Kim died this morning.

That's pretty much all I can say.
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The Miriam Fayne ArtJam officially concluded on Sunday, April 1. I'd say it was a smashing success! Thank you everyone who participated.

Something that struck me about the entries is the similarity in Miriam's appearance across the spectrum, from hand-drawn to 3D. From there, though, Miriam varied wildly. That is exactly what I hoped for! That tells me I described her to a fixed point where the reader could see a community view of her, then take her from that point on his or her own via the imagination. That is what I want for my characters, with the sole exception being Aura herself (between my love for her and the fact I tell her story strictly from her point of view, I want the reader to see her as I see her).

So, with no further ado, here are the entries, in order of appearance in my artjam folder:

From :iconlordamon12: Miriam Fayne by LordAmon12

From :icondoctor-awkward: 

Mature Content

Miriam Fayne by Doctor-Awkward

From :iconjanus3003:  Celebration of Life by Janus3003

From :iconakizz:  

Mature Content

Miriam Fayne by akizz

From :iconfdcomics:   Miriam Fayne (armoured) by FDComics

From :iconbelleverse:   Miriam Fayne ArtJam by Belleverse

A wardrobe change by :iconfdcomics:   Miriam Fayne by FDComics

From :icontrentharlow:   ArtJam: Miriam Fayne by TrentHarlow

From :iconmember9:   Miriam Fayne by member9

So, the Aitian Handmaiden is now depicted visually! Her noble employer can't say the same. :D
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